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The development of the packaging machine industry tends to combine multiple machines

in recent years, a series of actions, such as building a conservation oriented society, developing circular economy and strengthening technological innovation, have led to a new round of technology introduction climax. At present, China's packaging machinery products are facing fierce international competition due to few varieties, low technical level, poor product reliability and other reasons. The market trend of packaging machinery automation has emerged, and single machine automation products can no longer meet the needs of users

it is understood that foreign packaging machinery has new features in recent years, mainly including: first, high production efficiency. The production line is highly automated and the production scale is large, so as to obtain the best labor productivity and economic benefits; Second, high utilization rate of resources, high comprehensive utilization and development of circular economy; Third, products attach great importance to energy conservation and cost reduction; Fourth, put high and new technology into practice, improve production efficiency, and improve the level and grade of products; Fifthly, the commercialization of scientific research results has led to the development of packaging machinery products in knowledge intensive, technology integrated, product intelligent and other aspects

now, if we want to strengthen our domestic equipment, we urgently need the support of supporting technology to completely improve the situation of single machine. The research and development of the whole packaging and filling production line has become a trend of the development of the whole packaging industry. Users need to connect multiple packaging machines and pay attention to the good ventilation function of the electric cabinet, so as to better meet the modern requirements of connecting ERP and MES, and then meet the requirements of high production and high utilization rate of mechanical equipment

at present, the domestic packaging machinery industry still reminds everyone to pay more attention to some details when operating, which is in a state of rapid development, However, the unreasonable industrial structure is no longer repeated here, which has hindered the development of the industry. After long-term market expansion, the industry has entered the stabilizer of adjustment and integration, which also increases the difficulty of change

science and technology are the life and driving force of enterprises. The automatic control system of packaging machinery continues to improve, making its development tend to be intelligent. However, single machine automation products can no longer meet the needs of users. What the industry needs now is multi machine integration and electromechanical integration

therefore, the whole packaging machinery industry should recognize the main trend of current development, keep up with the pace of the times, speed up the application of electronic information technology in packaging machinery, not only realize the automatic and unmanned operation mode of packaging machinery, but also change the single machine mode

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