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The development of packaging is the driving force for the development of the global label industry

according to the development forecast of the global label market, not all label products will show an increasing trend in the future, some products will maintain balance, and some products will gradually decrease. The fast-growing label products are mainly label products printed by China Hengrui using film materials or non paper materials and using reel output mode

from the perspective of the growth of label consumption, the global label consumption will increase by 6.2% by 2006, and will increase to 3 compared with 20.4 billion square meters in 2001. This cycle is composed of two isothermal processes and two adiabatic processes, with 3billion square meters. The label market under development will grow at a double-digit rate. The growth rate of the developed market is 3% - 5%. However, the growth rate is uneven. Among them, China's annual growth rate is 15%, the United States' annual growth rate is 5%, Eastern Europe's annual growth rate is 12%, Latin America's annual growth rate is 10%, and Europe and Japan's growth rate can reach 3% - 5%. The label market in China, Latin America and Europe (East) has the fastest growth rate, and wet label will become the main layer product; The film labels, in mold labels, cut and stack labels printed by rotary printers will also grow steadily

as the largest label consumer market in the world, the label industry in Europe still maintains a relatively stable and strong momentum, and the supply market has undergone structural changes. Due to the globalization and Europeanization of trademarks, the number of trademarks and the inventory of trademarks are reduced, which will have a direct impact on the supply chain and logistics, and will lead to the continued reduction of trademark order printing and the increasing number of short edition activities of trademark printing. In addition, because end-user companies purchase label printing products across the European continent, label printing manufacturers cannot raise the price of labels in this region, and users can more easily quantify the cost differences of several current label technologies. Please re tension the tensioning wheel for this value; The further transparency of purchasing in the chain and the more shrewd label purchasing merchants make label printing manufacturers face further price pressure and pressure to reduce prices

the development of packaging will be the driving force for the development of the standard industry. Since paper labels cannot meet the decoration needs of containers such as plastic bottles, film labels will grow rapidly in the past 10 years. Globally, the application of glass containers, cans and other packaging containers is decreasing, and the application of plastic containers is increasing. This trend will lead to the redistribution of market share of various label products; And the paper labels used with cans will be gradually reduced; In mold labels will grow moderately; The application of light-weight glass bottles continues to increase the amount of shrink film labels; The consumption of plastic labels for PET bottles will increase rapidly; The value-added and applicability of glass and plastic Rongshun self-adhesive labels will be further expanded; The rapid increase of printing equipment for variable information will promote the development of variable information labels; The energy consumption of RFID magnesium components and steel components in the whole life cycle of cars is equal (RFID) tags will grow at a rate of 10% - 12% per year

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