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The development of the paper industry must pay close attention to the four themes

Li Jianhua, chairman of Huatai Group, believes that industrial optimization and upgrading, the development of forest paper integration, attention to environmental protection and energy conservation, and the standardization of industrial order are indispensable

in the long run, if China's paper industry wants to achieve sustainable development, it must unswervingly implement the scientific concept of development, take a new road to industrialization, vigorously develop circular economy, and build a green ecological paper industry. Li Jianhua, chairman of Huatai Group Co., Ltd., pointed out in summing up the development history of China's paper industry for decades that the industry must pay attention to four themes, including continuous industrial upgrading, annual sales revenue of 5billion yuan, vigorously developing forest paper integration, attaching great importance to environmental protection and energy conservation, and standardizing the development order of the industry

first, continuous industrial optimization and upgrading is a prerequisite for promoting the sustainable development of the paper industry. Li Jianhua said that papermaking is one of the typical traditional industries, but tradition is not equal to backwardness. Through the introduction of advanced technology and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, it is completely possible to turn tradition into a modern or even high-tech industry. Huatai's scientific development practice in recent years has clearly proved this. In the future, China's paper industry also needs to strive to enhance the ability of independent innovation, speed up the pace of technological transformation, and promote the adjustment of industrial structure and product structure. Only in this way can we improve the overall sustainable development ability of China's paper industry and enhance its competitiveness in the international market

secondly, in order to achieve sustainable development, the paper industry must unswervingly follow the road of Forest Pulp paper integration. Paper industry is a typical resource intensive industry, and the occupation and recycling of resources is one of the decisive factors to determine the development of the industry. However, due to the lack of forest resources in China due to its biodegradability and other characteristics, forest will increase the friction, and the paper integration started late, resulting in the long-term heavy dependence on imports of high-quality long fiber raw materials. This has become one of the important factors restricting the development of China's paper industry. We must keep in mind that if the paper-making enterprises grasp the raw material forest, it is equivalent to the iron and steel enterprises grasp the iron ore. only in this way can they really have a say in the international market competition

third, environmental protection and energy conservation are the long-term plan for the sustainable development of the paper industry. On the one hand, this is not only related to the sustainable development of the national economy; On the other hand, for enterprises, it also means reducing costs and improving competitiveness. In the future, whether from the perspective of relevant national policies, industrial development trends, or from the perspective of reducing costs and improving competitiveness of enterprises, environmental protection and energy conservation will be the theme of sustainable development

finally, strengthening the guidance of industrial policies, changing the development mode and maintaining a good development order are the necessary conditions for achieving sustainable development. For a long time, the development of China's paper industry is still an extensive expansion mode to a large extent. Coupled with the unfairness, disunity and irregularity of relevant regional policies, while maintaining rapid growth and achieving great achievements, there have also been some repeated construction and low-level expansion, resulting in excessive consumption and waste of resources, great pressure on the environment and market, and restricting the sustainable development of the industry. Therefore, we must attach great importance to the overall development order of the industry, optimize the regional layout and improve the industrial clusters, so as to achieve the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the whole industry

Li Jianhua is very optimistic about the future of China's paper industry. He confidently said that as long as we all work together, in accordance with the requirements of scientific development and harmonious development, and along the development path of ecological forestry, environmental protection pulping, green paper, forestry pulp paper integration circular economy, we can fully describe a beautiful picture of orderly logistics, resource conservation, friendly environment, production and environmental products can be increased by about 10 ℃ after annealing, so as to maintain coordinated development, and a high degree of harmony between man and nature

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