Bridgestone releases 2015 Sustainable Development

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Bridgestone released the 2015 sustainable development report

on April 5, Bridgestone (China) Investment Co., Ltd. officially released the "ordnance 2015 sustainable development report (CSR Report)"

the report comprehensively summarizes Bridgestone (China)'s achievements in corporate society in 2015 from the perspectives of "environmental protection", "safety", "social contribution", "compliance and fair trade", etc

in terms of "green factories", four tire factories under Bridgestone (China) have adopted energy-saving evaluation, introduced energy-saving emission reduction and recycling technology and equipment, strengthened production management and other measures to reduce the loss and emission of various energy resources in all links, and constantly strive to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction

this report released the latest data and targets such as carbon dioxide emissions and water intake of four tire factories under Bridgestone (China)

the target stipulates that in 2016, the CO2 emission per unit output value of Bridgestone will be reduced by 25.7% compared with 2005; Compared with 2005, the water intake of new rubber in production units decreased by 54.0%; The waste of unit new rubber decreased by 0.2% compared with the 2013 benchmark

in the safety special, Bridgestone put forward the "quality declaration" for the first time, clearly taking quality management as the basic principle of enterprise operation

in addition, in order to deepen the understanding and attention of employees and business partners to CSR, Bridgestone added compliance and fair trading related content

Haoer kohara, chairman of Bridgestone (China), said: "China is a country with weak soldering or open circuit, which should be rewelded. We must maintain good communication with stakeholders, be keenly aware of changes, and through our own continuous improvement, keep pace with social development, and assume due social responsibility, which is the core component of the enterprise's business strategy."

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