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Zoomlion glass is committed to technological reform to promote enterprise transformation and upgrading

how should enterprises change their development mode? Henan Zhonglian Glass Co., Ltd. has actively practiced in transforming the mode of economic development by carrying out technological transformation of production lines and promoting enterprise transformation and upgrading. On the morning of August 18, after the torque of the municipal Party committee was cleared, Wang Baocun, the Secretary of the municipal Party committee, went to Zhonglian Glass Co., Ltd. for investigation, fully affirmed the technical transformation project of Zhonglian glass, and praised it as the result of Shangqiu's transformation of economic development mode

Zoomlion float glass technology transformation project is a large-scale environmental protection industrial project supported by the state, with a total investment of about 1. 800 million. On the basis of making full use of the original civil structure, equipment and facilities, the project selects new equipment and technology for the purpose of energy conservation and emission reduction driven by the electromagnetic resonance principle and improving product quality, which not only improves the melting rate, but also reduces fuel consumption. The first phase of cold repair and technical transformation of the project was officially put into operation on July 24. At present, the production is stable, various equipment operates normally, and Nissan glass 1. 20000 boxes. The waste heat power generation project with a total investment of more than 50 million yuan and an installed capacity of 7500 kW of Zoomlion glass started construction on June 30. In this project, three waste heat boilers and one steam turbine generator unit will be built near the three float glass production lines to use the steam generated by the flue gas waste heat boiler of the glass production line for power generation, production steam and heating. After the completion of waste heat power generation project, it can increase power supply, provide production steam, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which not only meets the current national requirements for energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, but also optimizes the energy structure of enterprises and increases the economic benefits of enterprises

during the investigation, Wang Baobao went into the general control room of the tin melting section, the kiln head and the fully automated control room of the tin bath, etc., inspected the technological transformation of the enterprise on the spot, and listened to the report of the person in charge of the enterprise on the technological transformation, production and sales. In such a large production workshop, we can only see that the fully automatic production line is running in an orderly manner, and all processes are almost completed by machines and equipment, and only a few workers are monitored in the main control room

after investigation, Wang Baocun said that in the 1990s, Henan Zhenhua glass factory was a famous enterprise in the province and even the whole country. However, with the development of the times, our production technology has fallen behind. Since last year, Zoomlion glass has been committed to technological transformation, which has promoted the technological progress and product upgrading of the glass industry, increased the added value of products, increased enterprise profits, greatly improved the working environment of workers and reduced the labor intensity of workers. This is the result of our implementation of the scientific concept of development, transformation of the mode of economic development, and technological transformation. Wang Baocun pointed out that enterprises should make use of the existing plant, technical force and market network, seize the time to enter the second production line, strive to take out high-end products and lengthen the industrial chain. After the completion of waste heat power generation projects, we should further improve energy conservation and emission reduction, make good use of waste resources, and convert them into economic and environmental benefits. In order to build high-quality glass production, due to the need in these fields for a structural component industry base invited by the private enterprise Fujian Shishi Xinghuo aluminum products Co., Ltd. with good fatigue resistance, Shangqiu building materials' strengths are highlighted

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