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Zoomlion forklift helps Zhangjiagang interesting forklift competition

Zoomlion forklift helps Zhangjiagang interesting forklift but questions about the use method

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for training 5) overload protection: when the load exceeds 3.5% of the maximum value of each gear, the professional skills and safety awareness of employees, Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone (Jingang town) Federation of trade unions on April 24, 2017, The "May Day celebration" staff fun sports meeting (second season) - Fun forklift competition was held in the logistics industrial park of Jingang town

the contestants drove Zoomlion forklift for the "shooting" project

the contestants drove Zoomlion forklift for the "bottle transportation" project

on the same day, forklift experts from all units in the logistics industrial park of Jingang town gathered. Due to the difficulty and high operational requirements of this competition, in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the activity, Zoomlion forklift 3-ton Z series products, with their advantages of high energy efficiency and high stability, ranged from 5090 yuan/ton, were selected as the main vehicle of this activity by the Federation of trade unions of Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone

at the activity site, heads moved and the atmosphere was warm. Adhering to the purpose of "friendship first, competition second", this interesting forklift truck competition is intended to learn skills and improve the level. In the fierce competition, the contestants showed their forklift driving skills, such as skillful reversing, turning, accurate positioning, and unbiased driving routes, which won the praise of the audience and leaders! At the same time, Zoomlion forklift truck has also won the favor and praise of the contestants and all units, and its high quality and superiority are well deserved

this activity not only improved the operating skills of forklift workers, but also effectively tested the performance of various brands of forklifts. Zoomlion forklift truck lived up to expectations and won the trust and praise of all participating units with excellent quality. Zoomlion forklift truck company will continue to accelerate the pace of progress and further enhance the core competitiveness of nuclear enterprises with higher standards, better quality and better service

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