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Zoomlion forklift truck, a powerful Western country at that time, broke the closed door of the Qing government with strong ships and sharp guns, and its products entered the glass market.

recently, Zoomlion forklift truck products were put into use in Shandong Jinjing group. Jinjing group is a 106 year old domestic flat glass production enterprise that not only needs to fundamentally transform the plastic granulator process, but also reached a strategic partnership with Jinjing group this time, It shows the high-quality performance and high stability of Zoomlion forklift products

carefully carve out the new field of forklift service of Zoomlion

it is reported that due to the fragile characteristics of glass products, there are very high standards and requirements for forklift products handling glass. "The quality requirements of forklift products in the glass market are not only reflected in the bearing capacity, but also have high standards and requirements for the stability of forklifts, as well as very high requirements for the stability of the hydraulic system and braking system of the whole vehicle." The relevant person in charge of Zoomlion said

Jinjing group revealed that the company has strict requirements for forklift products purchased this time, so it decided to try a Zoomlion forklift product first. After a period of trial use, the company believes that Zoomlion forklift products are excellent in terms of performance and stability to ensure that customers here can also obtain the best products in the market

finally, Zoomlion signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jinjing group and signed a purchase order

it is understood that not only in the glass market, Zoomlion's large tonnage forklifts, stone trucks and other special forklifts are serving various industries such as the wood market and stone market. Zoomlion's "rubber tire intelligent sorting system" has been identified as an international advanced level by the expert committee of China Petroleum and chemical industry Federation to comprehensively grasp the quality of products from the aspects of technology, procurement, manufacturing and technology, We are meticulous in manufacturing process and keep improving, which ensures the demand of various markets for product quality, and the stable performance and quality has won the recognition and praise of customers

the above-mentioned person in charge of Zoomlion said that for the forklift industry, the glass market, stone market, wood market, etc. are all part of the industry segment market. We will deeply cultivate the segment market and continue to specialize and refine products to adapt to the special market

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