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Zoomlion was approved as a national pilot enterprise for ecological design of industrial products. Zoomlion was approved as a national pilot enterprise for ecological design of industrial products. China Construction machinery information recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology officially announced the announcement of the pilot enterprises for ecological design of industrial products (the first batch). Among the 41 first batch of pilot enterprises in the country, Zoomlion was successfully selected and finally passed the review

at present, promoting the coordinated development of industrial civilization and ecological civilization has reached a consensus all over the world. In the view of Zoomlion, the industry leader, "green design" is the general trend of the equipment manufacturing industry, and the company has always implemented the concept of green development in every link

green product life cycle management

"80% of resource consumption and environmental impact depend on the product design stage." Bi Junsheng, deputy director of the Department of energy conservation of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that in the design stage, the existing technology should be fully considered to tighten the diameter of the experimental pressure plate Φ 150 conditions, raw material guarantee and other factors, optimizing and solving the resource and environmental problems in all links can maximize resource conservation and reduce environmental pollution from the source

Zoomlion, as a leading enterprise in the global equipment manufacturing industry, has vigorously developed green technology in recent years by relying on scientific and technological innovation, relying on the industry's only State Key Laboratory of key construction machinery technology, the national concrete machinery engineering technology research center, the national local joint engineering research center of mobile crane technology, the national local joint engineering research center of modern agricultural equipment The national enterprise technology center and post doctoral workstation, the six in one high-end innovation system, have effectively promoted the green development of enterprises

in 2012, relying on its own design ability and CIFA technology, Zoomlion applied carbon fiber materials to develop the world's longest 101 meter carbon fiber boom pump truck, breaking the Guinness world record and providing efficient equipment for the construction of high-rise buildings and large-span projects. This technology reduces the weight of the pump truck boom by more than 40% and the total weight of the pump truck by more than 15%. The lightweight brings a significant reduction in energy consumption. At the same time, the application of carbon fiber materials makes the product life up to more than 20 years

it is reported that in the future pilot, Zoomlion will take concrete machinery as the main pilot product, establish the concept of life cycle, and explore the establishment of an ecological design promotion system for concrete machinery in combination with the green environmental protection development plan of the national concrete machinery engineering technology research center, so as to promote enterprises' awareness of green development, ecological design ability, management system construction, cleaner production level Product development and brand influence have reached the industry-leading level, and actively explore the transformation of industrial pollution prevention and control from "end-to-end response" to "full life cycle management"

the core of green ecological sustainable development

the past few years have been a period of rapid industrial development in China. Zoomlion has rapidly grown into a world-class equipment manufacturing enterprise at this stage, and its concept of green development has also penetrated into all its links. Zoomlion is carrying out a series of "green revolutions" such as "product transformation" and "material transformation" within the enterprise. Through the application research of green new materials, equipment transformation and upgrading to ensure the safety level of the experimental process, research and develop innovative equipment, support the development of clean energy industry and other strategies, in order to achieve the sustainable development of the enterprise

in the special investigation of Zoomlion by the two departments of the CPPCC National Committee this year, Yin Zhengfu, vice president of Zoomlion construction machinery group, pointed out that Zoomlion's green strategy has achieved remarkable results. In 2014, Zoomlion fully demonstrated the product ecological design concept of "reliability, green and intelligence": the three bridge 56 meter carbon fiber boom pump truck, the two in one system solution of machine-made sand + dry mixed mortar, LNG mixer and other more than 30 products without exception take "green" as the core

among them, "machine-made sand + dry mixed mortar two in one system solution" is a typical representative of green transformation. It uses machine-made sand instead of river sand, eliminates the drying link, and greatly reduces the investment and production costs of commercial mixing and dry mixing. Through the "two in one overall solution", the cement consumption per cubic meter of concrete can be reduced by 20%. This product is highly praised by customers with the design concept of energy conservation and environmental protection

the relevant person in charge of Zoomlion said that in the next three years, the company plans to invest 293million yuan to carry out ecological design pilot work. In the research and development of host products and the formulation of industry standards, it will participate in the formulation of the general principles of ecological design of concrete machinery products and the development of life cycle assessment software; Prepare product design and material selection standards; Research and develop eco design products such as machine-made sand and stone production lines based on mine stripping waste rocks, green production lines for continuously graded concrete, and concrete mixer trucks based on clean energy; Establish manufacturing EIA standards for building and station, transportation, pumping and remanufacturing products; In the research of common technology, five supply points of green products will be built to overcome six common problems of ecological design

Zoomlion has become a model enterprise of ecological design in the industry with practical actions and long-term specific plans, leading the trend of green and low-carbon circular development. At the moment when made in China is "going global", from the successful experience of Zoomlion's internationalization, which is only 1/8 of aluminum, creating a "green" ecosystem with "green" products should become a necessary ability for all Chinese manufacturing enterprises

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