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The World Packaging Organization will set up an Asian packaging center in China. The China Packaging Technology Association pointed out that the World Packaging Organization and the State Economic and Trade Commission have approved the construction of the World Packaging Organization Asian Packaging Center for advanced performance utilization in China

the World Packaging Organization also decided; The world packaging conference was held in China in 2006

the interviewed experts pointed out that the construction of this center will improve the overall level of China's packaging industry and promote China from a big packaging country to a powerful packaging country

Qiu Chunfu, President of the China Packaging Technology Association, said at the Forum on the development strategy of China's packaging industry held last Saturday that China's packaging industry has become a new important growth point of the national economy after more than 20 years of development. The output value of the packaging industry has exceeded (RMB, the same below) 230 billion yuan (about 52.3 billion Singapore dollars), and China is gradually becoming a major packaging country

the head of the World Packaging Organization believes that it is time for the Asian packaging center to settle in China. After China's accession to the WTO, the construction of this center will greatly promote and demonstrate the development of the packaging industry in China, Asia and the world

since the reform and opening up for more than 20 years, China's packaging industry has been increasing at an average annual growth rate of more than 18%. By last year, the output value had reached 237.6 billion yuan, ranking 15th among the 40 industries in the national economy

there is still a gap between China's packaging industry and developed countries

however, according to the information provided by the China Packaging Technology Association, there is still a gap between China's packaging industry and developed countries, but it is narrowing. China can produce most of the internationally used packaging equipment, packaging materials and packaging products. The packaging industry has developed from a decentralized auxiliary industry to an independent and relatively complete industrial system

according to incomplete statistics of packaging enterprises above the county level, China's packaging enterprises have grown to more than 20000, creating more than 3 million employment opportunities. In some places, the packaging industry has become a local pillar industry, accounting for 35% of the total size of enterprises; Steel door and window products have a 6% share; Other materials and products account for 4%, and the level of mold, equipment and product quality are close to the international level

in recent years, large foreign packaging enterprises have entered the Chinese market. For example, Tetra Pak in Sweden, international paper in the United States, and many pages of Australian university have invested and set up factories in China, compared with ACI in Italy, Saint Gobain in France, and United paper in Japan, which has accelerated the pace of integrating China's packaging industry with the international packaging industry

although China is becoming a big packaging country, it is still far from a powerful packaging country. At present, the main problems are: the scale of enterprises is small, and the industrial concentration is low; The main high-tech packaging equipment and raw and auxiliary materials are heavily dependent on imports; The cost of packaging products is high; Serious shortage of packaging management and technical personnel; The macro management of packaging production needs to be strengthened

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