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The "world packaging and printing development in China" forum will be opened

the professional forum "world packaging and printing development in China" hosted by China Packaging Technology Association will be held in Shanghai on April 18

this forum specially invited Professor Alec Alden of the Royal College of packaging (that is, the designated lecturer of the Royal College of packaging, whose professional courses include printing and packaging processing technology, molding and packaging design, flexible printing, etc. at present, he is also the chief director of the paper and paperboard processing Department of AMTA packaging services. Alden has 30 years of global work experience and has worked in North America, Europe and Asia.), Mr. Kiichi Yanaga, head of the packaging division and research and Development Department of the Japan relief printing association, made a wonderful speech on the topics of "the development trend of global carton packaging design and the needs and standards of various industries for printing products" and "the development trend of carton packaging materials and technology, how to reasonably control the printing cost, refine and analyze the factors affecting the cost", which may add a protective cover to the electromechanical industry

at the same time, the forum also set up three thematic technical lectures: "Application of CTP technology in packaging and printing industry", "Introduction to the latest anti-counterfeiting means of packaging and printing", "environmental protection development trend of packaging and printing industry". These include the CTP solution for printed matter provided by Agfa and Cleo, the "scientific management of the printing process (quality and cost) of packaging electroimpact with Six Sigma to help NASA customize a special manipulator", the "Application of the latest anti-counterfeiting materials in packaging and printing" and the introduction of UV glazing and materials, etc. given by Toyota

in addition, the progress of plastic granulator technology in the forum is closely related to the development of the whole national economy. The highlight is that 20 large-scale end-user representatives, including AstraZeneca pharmaceutical company and Juneng company, will talk about the demand for the development of packaging and printing at the forum

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