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The world packaging machinery market presents four highlights

China's packaging machinery industry has developed rapidly in recent years. At the packaging forum held not long ago, industry experts pointed out that when talking about the market trend of today's world packaging machinery, they pointed out that high automation Jinan testing machine factory testing machine installation, high reliability, high flexibility, and emphasis on complete sets are the highlights of the market, Domestic machinery enterprises should pay attention to the development and production of equipment

the degree of automation is getting higher

it is understood that the United States, which ranks first in the world in terms of variety and output, attaches great importance to the close combination of packaging machinery and computers, realizes electromechanical integrated control, and applies more automatic operation procedures, data collection systems, and automatic detection systems to packaging machinery. Japan is good at microelectronics technology, which is used to control packaging machinery, effectively promoting the improvement of unmanned operation and automation. Germany, which is a world leader in measurement, manufacturing and technical performance, also attaches great importance to improving the degree of automation

in the previous design of German packaging machinery system, automation technology accounted for only 30% of the whole system operation and operation, and now it accounts for more than 50%. Its automation design has the following two main characteristics: each manipulator is controlled by a separate computer. In order to complete complex packaging actions, a packaging machine needs to be completed by multiple manipulators. When completing the packaging action, under the information recorded and monitored by the computer-controlled camera, the manipulator completes the specified action according to the instructions issued by it to ensure the packaging quality; High resolution of material and thickness. In the process of packaging, the thickness and material changes of packaging materials are not easy to be recognized by human eyes, so the computer-controlled camera and detector are used in the packaging machinery to distinguish the thickness and material changes of packaging materials, which are displayed on the display screen. At the same time, the machine changes the relevant parameters and revolutions according to the changes of the identified materials, so as to control it to work in the optimal state

high productivity and reliability

according to expert analysis, Gome, Japan, Germany and Italy, the world's four major packaging machinery powers, attach great importance to the needs of the market and users, and take improving machine revolutions and productivity as important indicators for design pursuit. At present, the filling speed of beverages in Germany can be as high as 1200 bottles/h, and the cigarette packaging is 12000 pieces/min. the world's fastest tea packaging machine, which integrates bag making, weighing, filling, vacuum pumping, sealing and other processes, has a speed of 350 bags/min

one of the main ways to improve productivity is to increase the speed, but increasing the machine speed is a complex problem; The higher the speed is, the lower the production cost of a single piece is, and the usable area of the plant is also increased, which is shocked by the shiny and smooth surface with a height similar to the original material, and the failure rate is also increased, which will reduce the efficiency. Therefore, the optimal combination of the two should be sought; Increasing the speed of the machine will also have a related impact on the material, reliability, performance and life of other components. Generally speaking, increasing the speed by 15% - 20% will bring a series of complex problems, not to mention the limited speed of the motor, so you can't think as fast as you want. In addition to increasing the speed, improving productivity can also be solved through other channels

adopt continuous work or multi station and multi head work mode. There are two working modes of packaging machinery, intermittent and continuous. In the design, we should try to make it work continuously to improve productivity; Multiple stations or production lines can also be designed in one equipment to produce the same product or series products of different specifications, but the reliability must be improved. The Italian low-dose particle packaging machine adopts mechanical drum metering, continuous sealing and cutting, one machine with multiple stations, and the packaging speed can reach 120 Bags/min

the powerful country of packaging machinery also attaches great importance to improving the reliability and stability of packaging machinery. First, formulate product reliability standards and processing specifications, and strictly implement them in production; And pay close attention to the processing quality of machine, electricity, gas, liquid and other supporting basic parts. The reliability of packaging machinery is an important indicator of product quality and product life. The reliability and quality of basic components are an important guarantee for the reliability and quality of the whole machine

good flexibility and flexibility

with the increasing market competition, the cycle of product upgrading has become shorter and shorter, such as cosmetics production, which changes every three years, or even every quarter, and the production volume is large. Therefore, packaging machinery is required to have good flexibility and flexibility, so that the life of packaging machinery is much longer than the life cycle of products, so as to meet the economic requirements. Many experts predict that multi-purpose, high efficiency, simplicity, combination, mobility, smaller size, more flexibility and flexibility will be an important trend in the development of packaging machinery in the future. In order to make the packaging machinery have good flexibility and flexibility, it is more necessary to improve the degree of automation. A large number of computer technology, modular technology and unit combination form are adopted

in order to adapt to the changes of packaging product varieties and packaging types, the flexibility and flexibility of packaging machinery and equipment are often shown in the following three aspects: quantity flexibility. It can not only package a single product, but also adapt to the packaging of different batches of products; Flexibility of construction. The whole equipment is composed of units, which can adapt to product changes by changing one or several units; Flexibility of supply. The combination of units is adopted to combine all units together, such as candy packaging machine. On a common basis, different units are combined, with three feeding ports and four different folding packaging forms. In this way, a machine can package 8 ~ 10 different kinds of candy at the same time, which is operated by multiple robots. Under the monitoring of a camera, it commands its action, which candy can be packaged, and the product changes, Just change the program in the camera, so that the equipment has good flexibility and flexibility; Light and miniaturization. In the 21st century, high and new technologies such as electronics, computers, lasers, robots and robots are widely used, which can transform the current heavy, rigid and special packaging production lines into powerful, fast, flexible and miniaturized packaging production equipment, and can be highly flexible to fill, wrap and seal various types and sizes of packaging

pay attention to the complete set and matching

the complete set and matching of packaging machinery and equipment are related to whether the functions of packaging machinery can be fully played. Only paying attention to the production of host machines without considering the integrity of supporting equipment will make the due functions of packaging machinery unable to be played. Therefore, the development of supporting equipment to maximize the expansion of the functions of the host is a crucial factor to improve the market competitiveness and economy of the equipment

it is understood that the design of packaging machinery in Germany attaches importance to providing manufacturers with a complete system scheme that comprehensively considers the structure and economy according to the needs of users, and demonstrates the operation to users with computer simulation technology, and modifies it after soliciting opinions. Pay attention to the integrity of complete sets when providing users with automatic production lines or production line equipment. Whether it is high-tech added value or relatively simple equipment categories, they are provided according to the matching requirements

German packaging machinery manufacturers will also reinstall the software and copy the backup files to the new installation path for replacement, so as to provide complete sets of equipment as their goal. For example, a beverage filling line has more than 200 microcomputer components, many pipelines, display screens, and more than 100 software programs to control various packaging actions. In order to meet the productivity of 1200 bottles/h, there must be two lines to work. Therefore, the production of the whole beverage filling line needs to occupy about half the area of the football field. They require that all these equipment can be completed in one manufacturer or company system, so as to provide a complete set of equipment to users

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