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There are all kinds of wonders in the world, and new types of glass stand out

1 Unbreakable glass

a British aircraft manufacturing company has invented a kind of unbreakable glass for aircraft, which is a kind of multilayer glass with debris stuck into a transparent plastic film. This kind of plastic film based on polyvinyl chloride has a viscous semi liquid consistency. When someone tries to break it, the beaten polyvinyl chloride film will slowly gather together and restore its unique integrity. This kind of glass can be used in cars to guard against theft

2. Nailable glass

this kind of glass developed by Mitsubishi electronic instruments laboratory in Japan is made by mixing boric acid glass powder and carbon fiber and heating it to 1000 ℃. It is a glass strengthened with cemented carbide. Its maximum breaking stress is more than twice that of ordinary glass. There is no brittleness weakness. Nails and wood screws do not need to worry about breaking

3. Non reflective glass

non reflective glass developed by German Schott glass company, the light reflectivity is only less than 1% (8% for general glass), thus solving the problem of glass reflection and dazzling headache

4. Burglar proof glass

this kind of glass developed by a Hungarian Research Institute is of multi-layer structure, with extremely thin metal wires embedded in the middle of each layer. In case the thief breaks the glass, the alarm system connected with the metal wires will immediately send an alarm signal

5. Sound proof glass

a Japanese company introduced technology from Germany to manufacture a new type of sound proof glass. This kind of glass uses soft resin with a thickness of 5 mm to bond the two layers of glass together, which can almost absorb part of the noise. This method can not produce plates with a thickness of more than 15mm. It is especially suitable for recording studios and studios. Its price is five times that of ordinary glass

6. Air conditioning glass

this is a kind of double-layer glass processing and manufacturing, which can send the heating to the glass interlayer and send it indoors through the pores to replace the radiator. This not only saves energy, but also is convenient, soundproof and dustproof. In summer, it can also be changed to air conditioning

7. Vacuum glass

this kind of vacuum glass developed by Japan flat glass company is a vacuum layer with a 0.2 mm spacing between two pieces of glass with a thickness of 3 mm, but there is still a vacuum layer limited to 0 atmospheric pressure. There is a small metal cylinder support in the layer to prevent the external atmospheric pressure from sticking the two pieces of glass together. This vacuum glass is only 6.2mm thick and can be directly installed on general window frames. It has good heat and sound insulation effect and is suitable for windows of residential houses and high-rise buildings

8. Smart glass

the 2016 academic annual meeting of the State Key Laboratory of crystalline materials of Southeast University of the United States and the Yucheng industry docking conference were held in Yucheng. The transparency of this glass developed in China can change with the angle of vision. It has a special polymer film, whose astigmatism, thickness, area and form can be freely selected by the manufacturer, and it can play a certain role of protection and shielding

9. Holographic glass

holographic diffraction glass developed by a research group in Boston, USA, can concentrate light of some colors to a selected direction. The window with this kind of glass can decompose the natural light into spectral combination colors, and shoot the light to the ceiling and then reflect it to all corners of the room. Even in a room without windows, you can "get" sunlight from the reflecting wall through the ventilation pipe, and then diffuse the light to the ceiling through the eyelets

10 temperature regulating glass

a British company has successfully developed a thermally variable tone temperature glass called cloud glue, which is a data list of docld corresponding to wordld with plastic film on both sides and polymer water sandwiched in the middle; Keyword indexing is actually the inverse indexing of document indexing to colored solvents of synthetic glass. It is transparent in low temperature environment, absorbs the heat energy of sunlight, and turns into opaque white clouds when the ambient temperature rises, and blocks the heat energy of sunlight, so as to effectively regulate the indoor temperature

11. Bioglass

the University of Florida has developed a new Bioglass with bioactive energy and active tissue. This Bioglass has biological adaptability and can be used in artificial bone and artificial gingiva

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