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The world is beneficial to the plastic products industry to stabilize the price of raw materials

there are 701 enterprises in the plastic industry in Jiangsu Province, 19 with the same control function. In 1998, the total industrial output value was 23.5 billion yuan, ranking second in the country. The products of this industry are basically supporting products, and the raw materials and products are completely liberalized. After China's entry into WTO, such enterprises will not be affected much, and their raw material prices are expected to remain basically stable

at present, the prices of raw materials in domestic petrochemical enterprises are chaotic and volatile, which brings difficulties to the contract pricing of enterprise products. After being in line with the international raw material market, the price will be stable and lower, which is conducive to enterprises to reduce costs. Foreign products of plastic products are unlikely to come in. In the future, the plastic industry will focus on the optimization of "quality" and the growth of "quantity", strive to make new improvements, and strive to expand the application fields at a certain height in the packaging, construction, agriculture, electrical, medical, automotive, transportation, communication, environmental protection and other industries, so as to make a good match for other industries and seek development

statement: take the spring on the vehicle for example, we can develop new adhesive solutions that meet the needs of the local market with higher efficiency:

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