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The world machinery giant settled down in Shandong R & D center in Qingdao, Jinan and Wei. The world machinery giant settled down in Shandong R & D center in Qingdao, Jinan and Wei. China Construction Machinery Information Guide: Abstract: on April 26, China Hotel in Beijing and caterpillar, the world construction machinery manufacturing giant, announced that it would acquire Shandong Shangong Machinery Co., Ltd., the seventh largest enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, from now on. According to the analysis of relevant people, this move can obtain huge funds for mountain workers

Abstract: on April 26, China Hotel in Beijing, the world construction machinery manufacturing giant caterpillar company announced that it would acquire Shandong Shangong Machinery Co., Ltd., the seventh largest enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, as a whole from now on

according to the analysis of relevant people, this move can obtain huge funds for mountain workers, introduce the most advanced production technology and process, and enter the ranks of multinational enterprises. Caterpillar can draw on the mature domestic market sales experience and service network of Shangong group in the construction machinery industry, laying the groundwork for its business expansion in China

the first wholly-owned acquisition of a Chinese enterprise

"this is a milestone event in Caterpillar's development in China, marking that we will not only expand production in China, but also establish localized production bases in China's major mechanical industry provinces." Le Wenli, President of caterpillar, said to

"as a major province of China's machinery industry, Shandong is full of vitality in economic development. Caterpillar, which is also full of vitality, likes the integration of vitality and vitality." Mr. Nie Gao, operation director of caterpillar Asia Pacific, said to

Li Minsheng, director of the electromechanical Office of the provincial economic and Trade Commission, told that at present, there are 3092 Mechanical Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size in our province. The total sales of construction machinery last year was 14.69 billion yuan, the second largest increase in the country, while the production and sales of excavators and bulldozers in Shandong rank first in the country

according to the data provided by caterpillar, in 2003, Caterpillar's global turnover was $22.76 billion, of which more than 50% came from outside the United States. Since 1995, caterpillar has established eight enterprises in China, but it is the first time for caterpillar to wholly acquire a Chinese enterprise. This was the first time in Shandong, Shandong Shangong Machinery Co., Ltd., located in Qingzhou City

in order to avoid the lack of supporting capacity hindering the development of enterprises, caterpillar has also brought 42 heavyweight suppliers around the world, allowing Shandong enterprises to connect with suppliers. According to liukeqiang, Secretary of the Qingzhou municipal Party committee, while acquiring Shangong, caterpillar will also acquire runguang company, which produces hydraulic parts as a whole. And power machinery enterprises such as Weichai have also been included in the cooperation scope of caterpillar in Shandong

the president of Michelin, the world tire giant, said that when caterpillar came to Shandong to develop, all suppliers must find a suitable way to support its development. We will come up with a new development strategy to support caterpillar to achieve this goal

anxiety and excitement of Shangong

"if there is no cooperation with caterpillar, maybe Shangong still lives in the light of Shandong Lingong and Shantui shares, brothers in the same province." Wangchunquan, chairman of Shangong, said, "although as a key enterprise designated by the former Ministry of machinery industry to produce wheel loaders, Shangong has experienced collective, state-owned and private system reforms, with an annual output of 5000 units, and its output and sales volume rank in the forefront of the same industry. However, compared with XCMG's annual sales of 15billion yuan, Shangong still feels inadequate."

with the commencement of a series of major projects such as the South-to-North Water Transfer Project and the western development, the demand for bulldozers, rollers, loaders, excavators and other major types of construction machinery has increased rapidly. How to strive for as many orders as possible has become a major issue that the board of directors of mountain workers has focused on. Therefore, with the help of the thrust of the world's top 500, Shangong proposed the strategic development goal of occupying the domestic market first, and then seizing the overseas share

in September last year, Shangong began to communicate with caterpillar through letters and confidentiality agreements. By April 26, the merger and acquisition agreement was officially reached. "For mountain workers, they can obtain huge funds, introduce the most advanced production technology and process, and enter the industrial chain and sales network of these multinational enterprises to enhance their competitiveness." Wang Chunquan said, "more importantly, we can integrate technologically advanced Chinese brands into caterpillar's brands and into its logistics and capital flows around the world."

Zhang Xiaoyu, vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation, analyzed that after having a relationship with Shangong group, caterpillar can not only rely on the mature domestic market sales experience and service network of Shangong group in the construction machinery industry, but also have the qualification to purchase the equity of its affiliated enterprises first. This undoubtedly paves the way for its business expansion in China

caterpillars transform into butterflies

it is not only mountain workers and caterpillar that are excited, but also a large number of machinery manufacturing supporting enterprises in Qingzhou and Weifang. On April 24, when the senior management of caterpillar and its 42 global suppliers visited Qingzhou Development Zone, Mr. Nie Gao said, "my colleagues told me that the street lights here are like butterflies, and the butterflies are transformed from Caterpillars. Caterpillar originally meant caterpillars. We want the table tennis competition for the employees of Jinan testing machine factory to help the mountain workers and their supporting enterprises change from Caterpillars to butterflies flying in the blue sky in the shortest possible time. Shandong is an important manufacturing base in China, and we are here to stay here."

Shandong has targeted investment attraction as the world's top 500, which is exactly the thrust of its "turning insects into butterflies". Caterpillar, which invested 669 million US dollars in research and development last year, will have a huge impetus to the technological transformation of relevant enterprises in Shandong

"in the past two years, China's construction machinery has increased by 60%, which has exceeded 30% in the first quarter of this year. It is a hot competition for its globalization strategy. The development of manufacturing industry in Shandong provides a good opportunity for caterpillar. The arrival of the top 500 will not only be beneficial to Shandong's machinery manufacturing industry and equipment manufacturing industry, but also promote the development of Shandong's overall economy in the long run." Nie Gao said to him

Owens, chairman and CEO of caterpillar, revealed that caterpillar should strive to build Shangong into a professional manufacturer of wheel loaders, hydraulic presses and engine components, and strive to make it a leader in China's industry by 2010. Plastics have the characteristics of light weight, good strength, easy processing and easy recycling. According to Mr. Murphy, the financial leasing company just established in Beijing will do its best to provide financing services for the development of mountain industry, and as a localized R & D center, it will also choose to set up in one of the three cities of Weifang, Jinan or Qingdao. "Rather than call it a research and development center, I prefer to call it an innovation center. The role of this innovation center is not only to bring advanced technology to Shandong, but also to continuously develop new products and technologies in Shandong to serve caterpillar's development in China." Nie Gao said

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caterpillar formed a strategic partnership with Shandong

on the afternoon of April 26, the Shandong provincial government officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with caterpillar, a fortune 500 company. Vice governor Wang Renyuan and chairman and CEO Owens of caterpillar attended the signing ceremony

Shandong is a major province of China's machinery industry, and the construction machinery industry ranks first in the country. Caterpillar is optimistic about the great potential of Shandong construction machinery industry, and will integrate Shandong construction machinery industry by means of mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, joint ventures, cooperation and so on in the next few years

in November last year, caterpillar announced a multi-year investment framework agreement. The first milestone in the implementation of this plan is the signing of a memorandum with Shandong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. According to this agreement, caterpillar will increase investment and cooperation in Shandong in the next few years and carry out comprehensive cooperation with Shandong. Since then, caterpillar has actively promoted the alliance of Shangong, established R & D centers, selected parts suppliers, and established a comprehensive strategic cooperative relationship with Shandong

introduction to caterpillar

caterpillar is the world's largest manufacturer of earthwork machinery and construction machinery, and is also a major supplier of diesel and natural gas engines worldwide. At present, it ranks 162nd among the world's top 500

In 1883, American Holt machinery manufacturing company began to produce machines in California, and American best tractor company was established. In 1925, the two companies merged to form caterpillar tractor company. After 1931, the company gradually developed into a company mainly producing bulldozers, loaders, graders, scrapers, compaction machinery and heavy trucks. In terms of construction machinery and engines, the company has always been in the leading position in the world in terms of product quality, quantity and scientific research

As early as 1979, caterpillar began its business in China. In the 1990s, caterpillar invested in Xuzhou, Tianjin, Shanxi, Guangzhou and other places (Zhang Sikai, our correspondent wangchengyi)

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