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Recently, the world label production giant ordered a newly upgraded EuroTech DL label multi-function die cutting system again; The enterprise's first EuroTech DL label multi-function rotary die cutting system is used for die cutting and post-processing of RF and RFID composite labels. After more than a year of normal use of the open-loop control system, the enterprise's production capacity has been greatly improved, and customer satisfaction has been greatly improved. With the increasing production volume, the enterprise ordered a EuroTech DL label multi-function die cutting system from Botai again

As a kind of smart tag, RFID tag printing has been used and produced by more and more tag printing enterprises with the development and popularization of technology; The emergence of fully functional RFID tag post-processing equipment can promote the rapid development of RFID tag printing industry

as a professional standard, with plastic packaging accounting for an increasing proportion in the packaging industry, Botai is a supplier in the field of post-processing, closely following the market trend, constantly improving post-processing technology, developing solutions according to the needs of each customer, and providing a series of efficient and compact integrated post-processing solutions: eurotechfs strip rewinding; Europechfs variable information detection system VDI, europechdl multi-function rotary die cutting system, europechdl multi-function mastertop 1327 ⑵ 0dB rotary die cutting system. The label in the mold is hard for brand cutting or collection platform, europechmf multi-function rotary die cutting system, etc. At the same time, we provide customers with high-quality equipment to help printing enterprises improve production efficiency and productivity

in November 2011, Botai will be preparing for the Asia international label exhibition in Shanghai. We will make persistent efforts to provide you with complete label post-processing solutions

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