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On October 22, the largest existing Buddhist art work in the history of world glass art appeared in Hangzhou. It cost more than 20 million yuan and lasted for 4 years. More than 100 craftsmen guarded it for 7012 hours. With 4 tons of fire-resistant gypsum, 4 tons of glass crystal materials, and a 5-meter-high special kiln, the 2-meter-high glass thousand hands and thousand eyes Guanyin created by Taiwanese artist Yang Huishan, which originated from the murals of the Yuan Dynasty in the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, made its debut in Hangzhou, reproducing the Millennium charm of the silk road. This is also the largest and most detailed Buddhist art work in the history of world glass art

most good things are not firm, colorful clouds are easy to disperse, and the glass is fragile. Yang Huishan's great wish in this life is to keep Avalokitesvara with thousands of hands and eyes forever with colored glaze

unswervingly reproduce the Millennium charm of the Silk Road

in 1996, Yang Huishan took the lead in going to Dunhuang on the Silk Road for the first time. When she stood in front of the Yuan Dynasty thousand hands and thousand eyes Guanyin mural in the third cave of the Mogao Grottoes, her heart surged and couldn't help herself. Looking at the gradually peeling murals, thinking that this magnificent beauty will eventually be insulated from the world forever, Yang Huishan decided to reproduce the thousand hands and thousand eyes Guanyin in three-dimensional with glazed materials, and pass down compassion and wisdom forever. Dunhuang, for Yang Huishan, started from Beiliang and has been an artistic passion for 1600 years

in 1999, the Dunhuang exhibition was exhibited in Taiwan. Fan Jinshi, President of the China Dunhuang Research Institute, encouraged Yang Huishan with a sentence. President Fan said, "Yang Huishan, you are the Mogao 493 grottoes." Because now there are only 492 caves in Mogao Grottoes

in 2012, the firing project of Guanyin with thousands of hands and eyes of coloured glaze as high as 2 meters was launched. This is an innovation in the history of modern glass creation, and the firing process is startling step by step. We can see that the exquisite details of Guanyin with thousands of hands and eyes, the proportion of five senses with four Dharma phases, the width and thickness of every part of the whole body, the subtle posture of each hand, and the beauty of the distance between each arm all show the artist's extremely subtle observation, patience, creativity, and will close to faith

use glass art to tell the world the characteristics of Chinese culture like Tang poetry

over the past three decades, Yang Huishan and Zhang Yi, known as the pioneers and founders of modern Chinese glass art, have created a cultural industry on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, from Taiwan's famous actors and directors who won the Golden Horse Award to the world's Chinese glass art masters. They skillfully turn vivid glass art pieces into Chinese stories and transmit them to the world, Picking up the colorful civilization that has been deserted for thousands of years, telling the beauty of Chinese culture, and realizing the cultural exchange between the East and the West that is better than language

Chinese craftsmanship was once the best in the world. Bronze and pottery are still unparalleled

it is reported that in the tomb of King Jing in Zhongshan, Mancheng County, Hebei Province, it may be China's existing dewaxing cast high lead glass that is the earliest bearing unit connected to the fixture to measure the capacity, at least 2100 years ago

for Yang Huishan and Zhang Yi, this is a shameful and shocking event: "what's shameful is that as a Chinese, we are so ignorant of tradition. What's shocking is that more than 2000 years ago, our ancestors had already mastered their skills at a high cost."

therefore, based on the rebirth significance of national craft culture and the unforgettable verification of historical ethics, they used the dewaxing and casting techniques of glass workshops to devote themselves to creation, hoping to achieve a brilliant regeneration forever

recently, the glazed workshop founded by artists Yang Huishan and Zhang Yi was also invited to the South Coast Plaza, a top shopping center in the United States. The shopping center is one of the three major shopping centers in the United States, and it is also a gathering place for major high-end luxury brands. At present, there are only two Chinese brands in the shopping center of South Coast Plaza, one is Liuli workshop, the other is dingtaifeng

since its establishment nearly 30 years ago, the glazed workshop has enjoyed a worldwide reputation. Under the leadership of Yang Huishan and Zhang Yi, glazed art works have been widely collected by more than 20 world-class museums, such as the Palace Museum in Beijing, the National Art Museum of China, the Victoria and Albert Museum in the United Kingdom, the Corning Museum of glass art in the United States, and the bower Museum in the United States

as a representative of Asian culture and art, glass workshop is a strategic partner of Oscar, Earl watch, Hairui Winston and the well-known Oceana marine environmental protection activities. Leonardo DiCaprio won ocaena's outstanding environmental contribution award last year, which is a representative work of the glazed workshop

great wish of this life: let endless compassion go everywhere

talking about the reason why the exhibition will be placed in Hangzhou this time, Yang Huishan and Zhang Yi said that Hangzhou always protects the tower crane performance experiment gb/t5031 ⑼ 4, which retains her original temperament, and this pure land is in line with the mental state of coloured glaze. In order to make the art works "grounded" and make the museum collection "go out", they put the exhibition in the mall, so that more ordinary people can understand the Chinese cultural characteristics of Tang poetry presented by Chinese glaze

said that since 1996, in the past two decades, Yang Huishan has never stopped and at any cost reproduced the thousand hand thousand eye Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva in the third cave of the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang with various material sculptures. Her purpose is not to sculpture a Buddha, but a kind of historical and cultural heritage

many audiences came to this exhibition with admiration. Hangzhou citizen Liu Zhiwei said that he had collected threeorfour works of the glazed workshop and was deeply moved by Yang Huishan's persistent pursuit. Whenever you encounter troubles, you can calm yourself by these Zen works

"It is conceivable that as long as Yang Huishan's life is still alive, the statue of Avalokitesvara with thousands of hands and thousands of eyes will face a bigger, higher and more difficult challenge, because for Yang Huishan himself, there is no end to the practice of compassion and wisdom. For this world, through the statues of Buddha and Bodhisattva, there is no end to arousing greater and more attention to life compassion and wisdom until it is sintered. This thousand hands and thousands of eyes The statue activity of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva has become Yang Huishan's great wish in this life

however, Yang Huishan's real purpose in her heart should be to make an endless pity run all over the world and become everyone's great wish in this troubled world. "

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