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Hefei sent UAVs to monitor and sweep to eliminate fire hazards and ensure safety. Qingming Festival is a period of high incidence of fireworks and firecrackers. It is learned from Hefei public security bureau that in order to consolidate the results of the ban, the Bureau mobilized social forces to carry out publicity and inspection, fireworks and firecrackers for flowers and other activities. On the day of Tomb Sweeping Day, there was no warning of illegal discharge of fireworks in Hefei city. At the same time, Hefei police deployed police forces inside and outside the major cemeteries and dispatched unmanned aerial vehicles to patrol and monitor without dead ends

On the morning of April 5, at the youth cemetery under the jurisdiction of Xincheng police station in Feidong County, an endless stream of citizens came to visit the cemetery

at the gate of the cemetery, two volunteers in red vests distributed free flowers to citizens for sacrifice. On the same day, the Xincheng police station and the youth community were on duty to persuade flame retardants to set off fireworks. In addition to our police, there are also community workers and volunteers who are constantly patrolling the park, and no illegal discharge has occurred. Xincheng police station police Heyang told

fireworks are forbidden in Feidong County. In addition to the cemetery, many police have been put into the field to carry out the prohibition. Because most villagers chose the early morning as the sacrificial time, zhaoyugang, deputy director of the ancient city police station, had no time to eat breakfast, so he led the auxiliary police to participate in the battle. On the same day, the Institute timely dissuaded two people who planned to set off fireworks from paying insufficient attention to the development of key talents

according to the Public Security Bureau of Feixi County, zipengshan police station makes unified arrangements for security and detention, arranges the police on duty and auxiliary police to participate in security patrol, and takes the initiative to publicize the detention. On the day of Tomb Sweeping Day, the sacrificial activities in the scenic spot and Hongtushan cemetery were carried out in an orderly manner, and there was no warning of illegal discharge of fireworks

on April 5, he followed the police of the public security detachment of Hefei public security bureau to visit Sanyuan Riyue palace in Xinzhan high tech Zone, Daxing pagoda mausoleum in Yaohai district and other cemeteries to inspect the discharge of fireworks and firecrackers. After inspection, it was found that there were no illegal fireworks in the two cemeteries that morning. The police also inspected the merchants around the cemetery and found no illegal storage and sale of fireworks

zero discharge of fireworks and firecrackers was achieved in Hefei City during the Tomb Sweeping Day

in addition to the public security department, various social forces also participated in patrolling around cemeteries and cemeteries, and cooperated with the public security organ in the work of banning the release

during the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday, Hefei has a strong publicity atmosphere for the ban. The transportation department has rolling broadcast propaganda videos and posted banners on buses and subways to cemeteries and cemeteries to guide citizens to actively refuse to set off fireworks and offer sacrifices in a civilized manner

the Civil Affairs Department urged all cemeteries and cemeteries in the city to do a good job in banning fireworks and firecrackers in the park and its surrounding areas. The cemetery management hung banners banning fireworks and firecrackers at eye-catching positions in the park and its surrounding areas, such as aviation and aerospace, automation, infrastructure and transportation. It was forbidden to bring fireworks and firecrackers into the cemetery and cemetery

through various efforts, it was learned from Hefei public security bureau that on the day of Qingming Festival, the city once again successfully achieved zero discharge of fireworks by removing the side cover of the dynamometer, and the concept of prohibiting fireworks and cultural sacrifice was further rooted in the hearts of the people

UAVs join the monitoring of memorial sweeping

in addition to carrying out the work of banning release, Hefei police also sent a large number of police forces to escort citizens' tomb sweeping activities in a safe and orderly manner

it is reported that on the day of Tomb Sweeping Day, nearly 100000 people came to Hefei xiaoshushan cemetery and its surrounding cemeteries to offer sacrifices and sweep tombs. According to the work plan formulated in the early stage, Hefei police deployed hundreds of police forces in advance to provide traffic guidance and safety guidance at intersections along the way, inside and outside the cemetery, and in crowded areas, so as to promote fire safety knowledge to the people who came to sacrifice

at the same time, Hefei police also dispatched UAVs for cruising to monitor the entire mausoleum area without dead corners, timely eliminate potential safety hazards, and ensure the safety and order of citizens' sacrifice and tomb sweeping during the Qingming Festival

the original standard is a kind of test question we often do: zero discharge of fireworks and firecrackers in Hefei City during the Qingming Festival

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