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Heidelberg cooperates with NIMA to install map printing operation in Lithuania recently, Heidelberg and the National Bureau of imaging and Cartography (NIMA) of the United States reached an agreement that the scale scale should be clear and uniform. The polymer porous elastic material tester will install map printing equipment with the latest technology in kanus, Lithuania. The system mainly serves the Lithuanian Ministry of national defense, including a Speedmaster 102 five-color printer, delta rip, signaling (composition software), topsetter 102 direct plate making machine and a set of paper cutting system. It has successfully passed the fixed-point test and was sent to the Lithuanian government on November 8

as early as June 2000, NIMA has agreed to help the Lithuanian Ministry of defense to establish a set of "digital prepress front end" (computer direct plate making) and large-scale five-color printing machine with an annular groove on the top of the cylinder. These equipment have the latest technical level, allowing Lithuania to quickly print North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) standard maps, charts and mapping (MC g) products to support the mission objectives of the Ministry of national security

the system is part of a larger security assistance suite. All aspects related to the printing operation have been taken into account, from training, plant preparation, installation and integration, as well as two years of equipment maintenance and supplies of consumables. It also includes operation and maintenance training, technical support, initial and subsequent operation support, as well as printing supplies, tools, test instruments, storage cabinets, cleaning kits, documents and manuals, long-term standby products and repair parts. Finally, it also includes data integration services, transportation, packaging and packing, processing and installation services

finally signed a contract with Heidelberg, a major system installation manufacturer, to provide this technical service. This solution cannot risk integrating and installing a solution with products from multiple vendors. Heidelberg USA and Heidelberg Baltic Co., Ltd. jointly operated this business to ensure that Heidelberg company provided the complete functions of the overall system, provided very perfect computer software and hardware settings for the direct plate making and printing system, and ensured the compatibility of all elements of the system. The printing operating system is part of a three-stage process. In the future, we can further improve the existing system and improve the security performance of the existing important military information database. All these will enable the Department to respond to domestic emergencies more quickly and produce MC G products that meet the needs of customers

since the implementation date of this standard, the purchase of secondary military equipment has been assisted by the foreign military financing program of the Department of state. The centre has 30 staff and will publish maps for the Lithuanian armed forces and, if necessary, for the armed forces of Latvia and Estonia

at the installation ceremony held on November 8, the ambassadors of the United States and Lithuania attended the ribbon cutting ceremony. The ceremony is very important, which proves that Heidelberg has the ability to provide a complete worldwide operation scheme integration at different Heidelberg points

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