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Heidelberg held Bola cutting technology training in Hong Kong. From September 2 to 5, 2013, Heidelberg company changed the order 1 extensive plastic granulator into a combination, and the intelligent plastic granulator and Bola Company held a four-day training on the application of high-speed cutting machine in Hong Kong E-print printing plant. The participants included the cutting operation staff of E-print printing plant and the post press engineers of Heidelberg China's representative offices at the end of June this year. The training lecturer was Klaus m ller, a cutting system technical expert who came from the headquarters of Bola Company in Germany. He brought us a very in-depth and practical knowledge feast of post press cutting

in 2013, in response to the post press production pressure caused by the strong market demand, E-print introduced four Bora n115pro Model 3 high-speed cutting machines, 3 of which are installed in the Hong Kong factory. Nsoft is used for fatigue simulation analysis, and one is installed in the Malaysian branch of the printing plant. The targeted training of cutting operation helped E-print quickly solve the urgent needs of operators' technical improvement

klaus m ller is an experienced expert in cutting technology. According to the equipment model and requirements of E-print, he will focus this training on JDF and comput operating system. In addition, the setting of operation steps, key points of maintenance and packaging and the comparison with older equipment of Bora n115 are also listed in the training schedule. The trainees not only understand the operation and maintenance knowledge of new equipment, but also can update the previous equipment operation experience. It is commendable that the training is carried out in the way of combining theoretical study with equipment operation. The classroom is set in the production plant of E-print. The content taught by the lecturer in the theoretical stage can be quickly practiced on the equipment in the operation process, and the problems encountered can also be revealed and solved at any time in this process. No wonder the trainees have said that the gains are very real

Bora is a world leader in the field of high-speed paper cutter and cutting system. With the close cooperation of Heidelberg Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., Bora has achieved close contact with the Chinese market and a very high degree of recognition. The highest cutting quality, the first-class operation method, the same after-sales service as above, and the resale value far higher than that of other manufacturers have all become the key points for Bora cutting equipment to occupy the market position

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