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Since the beginning of this year, due to the impact of domestic real estate regulation policies, the market demand for wardrobes has decreased compared with previous years. Changes in the global economic environment and trade barriers in major export markets have also forced export-oriented wardrobe enterprises to turn their attention to the domestic market, which has intensified the competition in the wardrobe Market to some extent. In addition, a series of adverse factors, such as the crisis of raw materials and soaring labor costs, have made the domestic wardrobe Market worse. Various factors have created the bad situation of the wardrobe industry today. So how should wardrobe enterprises survive in difficulties

brand building: brand building is the key to making enterprises bigger and stronger. Brands with high popularity and reputation can also establish long-term confidence for agents. Brand building can improve the market share and economic benefits of products, and enhance the attractiveness and radiation of brands, not only by media publicity, but also by channel construction, customer management, market management, etc. At present, the wardrobe market has gradually matured. As a non first-line brand, if you want to share the cake in the regional market, you can only play the card of "cost performance". The most popular shape in the product appearance design market, materials and substrates are mainly environmental friendly materials

find the right channel: we should fully realize the ruggedness of competition in the wardrobe industry and the "guiding" of consumption, and quickly run out of the "dark horse" miracle. Only the ability to maintain high-speed growth can stand out in the uneven competition. So, where is the growth point? In the second and third tier markets, the lower the level, the more opportunities for growth brands to become local leading brands, and the less strong consumer brand awareness, the easier it is to guide. It may not be well-known in mainstream cities, but when thousands of prefecture level cities and counties across the country have become major brands in two to three years, if the countryside surrounds the city, a single spark can also start a prairie fire. Of course, we should also pay attention to the double-edged sword of price war. Moderation is a sharp weapon, and inappropriateness is a murderous weapon

consolidate the marketing value chain: unlike fast-moving consumer goods, wardrobe needs long-term multi touch communication with customers. Only know when customers need it. In this case, channel quality ranks first, terminal store quality ranks second, shopping guide ability ranks third, small area promotion ranks fourth, manufacturer policy assistance ranks fifth, and excellent training ranks sixth. Brand is an empty concept. Only when the scale comes up, the effect of brand will be released. Therefore, in this marketing value chain, organizing and launching oneortwo national linkage promotion activities in a year, and regional organizations launching regional linkage promotion activities, is a powerful marketing measure that not only ensures the sales volume, but also spreads and promotes the brand

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