Beijing second-hand housing renovation netizens 30

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This apartment is located between the South Third Ring Road and the Fourth Ring Road, on the 17th floor of the building in the Fourth District of Rainbow City, Zhaogongkou, with a building area of 95 square meters, two bedrooms, one living room and one bathroom, facing Southeast. Basic needs of the owner: there are two bedrooms, one is the master bedroom, and the other wants to be a study, but we need to consider people from home or having a baby in the future. So the study doesn't want to put a double bed, but a sofa bed. This doesn't take up too much space. The couple's hobbies are relatively close. I hope it's simple and clean, and the furniture is light and elegant

panoramic Leiyang decoration in the living room


style trend: it needs pastoral style, but it is not a pure pastoral fan. It just hopes that the family is very warm and doesn't like small broken flowers very much. Residents: in a family of two, parents come to live occasionally and consider having a baby after three years





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