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Kanoya customized modern simple style home accessories, so that the bedroom space is warm and temperament. Now let's follow Xiao Ka to see how to create a modern simple style bedroom

modern simple style is a very popular home decoration style at present. Compared with other styles, the lively lines, generous details and smooth colors of modern simple style all reflect a rhythmic and vibrant lifestyle. Let's follow Xiao Ka to see how to create a modern simple style bedroom

living in the noisy downtown, facing the tired and busy work, many people begin to get tired of the complicated home decoration style, and prefer the simple and natural home decoration style, just like the simple but not simple modern simple style

it is not simple stacking and plain placement, but simplifies the design elements, colors and home decoration, creating a fashionable and avant-garde feeling. But it is by no means the most ordinary. It has a unique high-level sense of color matching, shape design, perfect decoration and comfort

compared with the Nordic style, the modern simple style is like the ripples that often appear in ordinary life, occasionally breaking the calm and making life more enjoyable. How to make the home space simple and amazing, fashionable and stylish? Now let's take a look at Kanoya's modern simple style of minimalist life series bedroom model room with Xiao Ka. How to use soft clothes to make the modern simple style more temperament

01. Necessary bedding, simple and clear life atmosphere

in the face of heavy pressure and too fast pace, people are more and more overloaded. Pressure and tension make people yearn for a more relaxed living environment. As a result, simple and bright bedrooms are becoming more and more popular. If you want to create a modern simple style bedroom, you need a warm and comfortable bed

a set of canoya cotton four piece set, giving you a comfortable sleep experience. Double warm fabric, comfortable and breathable, more texture. The exquisite patterns of the blanket, coupled with soft and comfortable colors, exude a strong "little fresh" flavor throughout, which makes people can't help calming down, and makes the modern simple style fresh, warm and temperament

Cano sub white and dark bedding are neutral colors, which are also commonly used in modern simple style. A dark blanket with dark color patches on pillows creates a modern minimalist bedroom with an advanced feeling. All cotton solid color four piece set, made of 100% cotton solid color satin, skin friendly, breathable and environmentally friendly, and made of top 60 long staple cotton, with a delicate and soft feel and natural gloss, gives you a clean and safe sleeping environment and makes life happy

02. Personalized carpet, warm and beautiful posture

modern simple style is not equal to simple "stacking" and light "placement", but taking into account the tone and layout of the overall space, and strive to achieve a simple but not simple home space. If you feel that the color of the bedroom is a little cold, you can choose a warm and beautiful canoya carpet to make life more vivid

fresh color matching, flickering patterns, decorate a beautiful modern simple style. Kanoya high-quality polyester fabric + thermal insulation polyester material is selected, which is soft and comfortable, not easy to deform and fold, easy to take care of and wash

high precision environmental protection printing + environmental protection printing, no odor, healthy and safe, not easy to fade, durable

simple and warm colors, coupled with soft and comfortable exquisite fabrics, integrate quality and beauty, continue the breath of modern and simple style, and make life better. Refuse to slip the anti-skid particles and bid farewell to the little embarrassment of slipping. Exquisite binding, refuse to open the line, and accompany you through the comfortable bedroom time

03. Plain curtains, simple and clean life style

although the modern simple style advocates "the less complicated, the more extraordinary", due to the simple lines and few decorative elements, perfect soft fitting is often required to show beauty. Install a plain curtain in the bedroom, which is not dull and cold, and is just right for warmth. When the breeze blows at night, there is only a simple and clean atmosphere of life

Beige wavy curtains are delicate, gentle, gentle and elegant, presenting a unique minimalist style. The selection of high-precision materials and strong twisting of warp threads greatly increase the fatigue resistance, friction resistance, water washing resistance and corrosion resistance of the fabric. It is easy to clean and take care of, not easy to fade, and more durable. The meticulous jacquard technology and modern texture just meet the trend of decorationism and meet the beautiful and comfortable modern simple style

from the appearance, the surface of high-precision fabrics is smooth and delicate, and the texture is clear. Coupled with the weaving of longitude and latitude, the pattern has a strong three-dimensional sense, and the hanging feel is soft, and the hanging feel is very natural

simple modern geometric shading curtains, fresh and elegant, help you create a simple and clean modern simple style. Fashionable and unique shuttle weaving technology, delicate shuttle texture, beautiful and subtle, graceful without losing atmosphere

abstract geometric patterns are particularly elegant under the outline of fine lines, creating a comfortable and pleasant home atmosphere

the simple and refreshing color contrast curtain, which is simple and white with vibrant yellow, is fresh and transparent, and fills the room. Through the sunshine of the gauze curtain, it wantonly pursues such a natural atmosphere and blooms the youthful vitality of the room

canoya one meter sunshine curtain, woven with high-precision fabrics, is refreshing and comfortable, making the modern simple style bedroom soft and soothing

04. Simple lamps and lanterns, clean and tidy space temperament

lamps and lanterns are the necessary soft decoration for home, so we should also pay special attention to the selection of lamps and lanterns. If you don't know what kind of lamps to choose, you might as well try these simple and atmospheric Kanoya chandeliers. The clean shape, coupled with a strong industrial flavor, is very suitable for the modern simple style

the low-key and introverted tone, peculiar and stylish shape, small and rich, adds a bit of liveliness and fashion, and creates a comfortable modern and simple style. The rich and unique round chandeliers are elegant and not obvious. The warm light permeates the warm and implicit atmosphere through the exquisite glass ball, easily improving the bedroom temperament

a simple modern ring chandelier, simple and atmospheric, showing the dynamic of space. The circular chandelier echoes the circular ceiling from afar, which is exquisite and luxurious, and the workmanship has a sense of texture. Ceiling spotlights and circular chandeliers, light and shadow staggered overlap, reflect soft light, and turn into a bright and blurred modern simple style world




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