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As we all know, the current market competition in the door and window industry is fierce, and the brands of other related industries have also extended to the production and sales of doors and windows, complicating the terminal sales of the door and window market. These new door and window brands that grasp the characteristics of the industry have clear positioning, differentiated terminal display system and strong business training mode. Just entered the industry on a strong performance. In recent years, the development of the door and window industry has continued to grow, and China's curtain wall has been almost confirmed since the release of the "2015 eight curtain wall industry predictions" in 2015; Recently, we boldly predicted again that the door and window industry will present eight major trends in the future

prediction 1: cross industry brands enter the door and window industry

more flooring enterprises or related industrial brands will enter the door and window industry with strong diversification. Once new brands master the characteristics of the industry and graft the training, brand, service and efficient management system of the flooring industry into the door and window industry, they will play a strong role for a long time in the future

prediction 2: the building of door and window brands is the key to success.

the control of first and second tier cities will become the key to brand success. At present, the mature mode of the door and window industry is moving from the first tier cities in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to the second tier cities and third tier cities, which is easy to succeed. Because of the high popularity of the first tier cities, it is easy to form a better radiation to the second and third tier markets, and can successfully replicate the mature sales model in the second and third tier cities. Before making a strong voice in the first-line market or mainstream market, major modified plastic companies are also constantly aiming at the brand with this huge market demand, which will gradually become a second-line and third-line brand

prediction 3: the market development of the flagship store of large doors and windows will be accelerated

at present, major brands and excellent industry dealers have realized the necessity and importance of large stores, and continue to look for suitable locations to decorate flagship stores, super stores and experience pavilions. At the same time, more brands linger in square meters of exclusive stores, and the brand potential cannot be reflected

waterproof experimental machine is the appearance of industrial automation to measure the liquid level and loading height of liquid and powder granular materials.

prediction 4: terminal sales of doors and windows emphasize integration.

terminal sales products will no longer be the focus of the introduction, and the terminal emphasizes more on the solution of doors and windows, that is, real Advisory sales. In addition to products that attract customers, the brand appeal is also gradually reflected, and designers have become the key to signing orders. When the product and brand itself do not have advantages, the shopping guide appears rigid and easy to copy. A store often collapses immediately because a shopping guide leaves. The market survey found that the brand with the scheme provided by the designer is easier to be recognized by the owner, because the design is more professional and the owner is easier to be persuaded

prediction 5: pay attention to after-sales service

whoever pays attention to after-sales service will get orders. The door and window industry is a customized industry. The product characteristics of semi-finished products and the involvement of a large number of human resources determine that the characteristics of the industry are typical service industries. For manufacturers, if they do a good job in products, have fewer problems, and control product quality and delivery time, they will establish a good relationship with customers in all aspects before, during and after sales

prediction 6: create a solid door and window model to show

in this 1, the well cover pressure fatigue testing machine has the advantages of flexible and convenient operation, slow and stable loading, strong body bearing capacity and so on; In the exhibition hall, consumers feel closer to the real doors and windows. This "what you see is what you get" sales concept has been quickly recognized by the owners through the exhibition hall sample cabinet simulation door and window display, which is closer to the real home decoration effect. You can directly buy the samples you see by sets, and the sales results can be imagined

prediction 7: pay attention to the profitability of single stores

the new door and window brands will change from paying attention to speed to paying attention to the profitability of single stores in the process of attracting investment in the national market. Nowadays, the operating capacity of door and window single stores is not ideal, so there are some "paper tigers" recognized in the industry, which seem to be very strong, but in fact, the profitability of single stores is poor, and the national market is scattered, without key markets. The hydraulic universal experimental machine produced by Shandong Sida high tech, a regional strong product, uses computers to collect data, process data and graphic fiber brand of the experimental model. Some will gradually decline, and some will continue to take the lead in the strong market

prediction 8: "soft power" has become a necessary condition for the success of door and window dealerships

many door and window dealers and manufacturers believe that a strong shopping guide can seize a large number of orders. With the serious homogenization of door and window brand products, the competitiveness of the products themselves is gradually weakening. When shopping guides explain door and window products, they often find that the explanation routine of one or two years ago has been completely unable to get orders quickly now. The reason is that what consumers hear in other stores is basically the same, completely losing the necessity of "listening". Therefore, the core competitiveness is to train first-class and efficient teams of employees through overall service improvement. At present, some brands of doors and windows with complete networks will invest a lot of energy to improve the overall competitiveness of dealers and stores. Some brands have taken the lead in establishing dealer colleges to improve the overall quality of dealers and keep pace with the brand

write at the end: 2016 is coming to an end. Looking at the door and window industry this year, it can be described as turbulent twists and turns. The stock market turbulence at the beginning of the year affected the capital operation of enterprises in all walks of life, and then came the end of the golden period in upstream industries such as real estate. With the transformation of marketing mode and the introduction of cross industry competition, the diversity and complexity of the competition in the whole door and window industry have been almost the same as those in traditional household appliances, automobiles and other industries; The only way for enterprises in the door and window industry is to better realize the brand value and improve the degree of differentiation in the brand competition of doors and windows, especially the differentiation of details

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