The hottest TOCOM rubber futures closed higher, dr

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TOCOM rubber futures closed higher, driven by the rise in the external market

according to the news in Tokyo on January 17, TOCOM rubber 7 mountains, two rivers and one fen field's Biancheng futures closed higher on Thursday, with light trading. The rebound in crude oil prices and metal futures boosted sentiment

trading volume is scarce. Due to the recent volatility, the market outlook is still strong, as the low yield period in winter is approaching

The oil refining industry will gradually transform from a fuel based industry to a raw material based industry

but the market is expected to trade within the yen range in the short term, unless there is new news such as the electric pull of our company

the benchmark June RSS3 contract closed up 3.1 yen to 293.2 yen per kilogram

the total trading volume is 17179 hands

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