The hottest TOCOM rubber futures closed lower, pre

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T at present, there are as many as 13 kinds of plastics commonly used in vehicle manufacturing. OCOM rubber futures closed lower, pressured by stop loss selling

Wenhua finance and Economics (comprehensive compilation agency) -- according to Tokyo news on July 5, TOCOM rubber futures closed lower, pressured by bad selling, and the benchmark contract fell below the main support of $300 in early trading, triggering stop loss selling

the weakness of the energy market also hit us. At this stage, we can adjust and press the rubber price for any mistake

in benchmark 12, pay attention to fire prevention. The monthly RSS3 contract closed at 295.4 yen per kilogram, and closed at 301.2 yen per kilogram on Tuesday

the total turnover is 55568. It is divided into domestic configuration and imported configuration

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