The hottest TOCOM rubber futures fell below the fl

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TOCOM rubber futures fell below the flat market, with light market trading

according to Tokyo on June 11, TOCOM rubber futures fell below the flat market on Thursday, dragged down by speculative selling and profit taking sharp electronic research and development (Nanjing) Co., Ltd

a Singapore trader said, "in view of the crude oil price hovering around $72 a barrel, rubber futures initially rose, but speculators cleared their positions and pulled down the market." The trader said that some traders may be disappointed that the market failed to follow the trend of oil prices to record more gains in earlier trading, triggering a sell-off. NYMEX crude oil contract in July rose 57 cents to $71.90 a barrel

the benchmark November RSS3 contract fell 1.1 yen to 170.3 yen per kilogram, far below the intraday high of 172.9 yen per kilogram

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