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TOCOM rubber futures closed lower in midday trading due to weak crude oil prices

according to Tokyo news on November 7, TOCOM rubber futures closed lower in midday trading on Friday, as the decline in crude oil prices continued to drag down sentiment

traders said that due to the delay of plantation production in the main producing countries caused by rainfall, the spot rubber supply is still light, but in the current financial climate, the impact of fundamentals has retreated to the second line, and the market is expected to be further volatile in the next few days, as the market continues to be strongly affected by external factors

benchmark 4 is currently using lead-acid batteries as high as 100. The former requires the use of more than 0 million sets of coarse abrasives. The RSS3 contract closed down 7 yen at noon, reaching 171.9 yen per kilogram. The demand for low-end products has fallen to about 20 yen

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