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At present, there are many famous PDM software suppliers at home and abroad, such as WINCHILL of PTC company, SmarTeam of Dassault company and product manager of IBM company; In China, there are CAXA V5 PLM of Beijing Digital Dafang, xtpdm of Exeter, PDM of Tsinghua Yingtai, etc., which basically represent the highest level of technology in the PDM industry at home and abroad

however, which PDM system should be selected by the enterprise mainly depends on whether the software can meet the needs of customers and the investment is relatively economic, that is, it can reduce the product R & D and production costs, improve product quality, shorten the product R & D cycle, speed up the corresponding market and customer needs, and accumulate enterprise knowledge; In order to enrich the automotive interior materials with low-cost and high-quality pc/abs alloy plastics, quickly occupy the market and create benefits for enterprises; Don't blindly choose large or fully functional software systems, and the more expensive the better; When choosing a PDM system, we generally make a comprehensive investigation from the following aspects:

first, meet the functional requirements

although the implementation of a PDM system in an enterprise is gradual, enterprises often cannot easily replace a PDM system after choosing a PDM system, because this process is more difficult than the implementation of a new PDM system, Therefore, when choosing a PDM system, we should first consider whether the PDM software can meet the current and future functional requirements of the enterprise, such as: in terms of data management, the data format and data type supported by the PDM software can be required; In terms of management function, PDM system can be required for data statistics, workflow management, data change management, etc

2. Corresponding to the CAD level of enterprises,

the implementation of PDM is the deepening of CAD application. For enterprises whose CAD application is still in the primary stage, there are not many electronic data of products, and designers are not very skilled in the application of CAD, it is certainly difficult to succeed in the implementation of PDM system, and it is difficult to get timely returns in PDM system engineering; For enterprises with a certain scale of CAD application, whether 3D design or 2D design is adopted, the design results will produce huge electronic data. At present, there are many process documents throughout the whole process of product development, regardless of the conceptual design, structural design, mold design and process preparation of product development. Many problems such as the organization, analysis, standardization, integrity and uniqueness of these data also appear relatively, At this time, it is very necessary for enterprises to introduce PDM

III. considering the needs of enterprises at this stage

with the development of enterprises and the deepening of the application of CAD, enterprises gradually expose many problems in the process of product development, such as the organization and management of document data, the management and compilation of product structure, the management of R & D process, the rigor of data change, and so on; Using a set of good PDM solutions can solve these problems well, but not every PDM system is omnipotent. At present, there is no omnipotent PDM system that can meet the needs of enterprises in various fields. Enterprises should comply with their own needs, reasonably analyze the outstanding problems in the process of their own product development, and choose reasonable solutions from many PDM system service providers to suit the case, In order to achieve good results in the construction of PDM system

IV. integration with existing software and systems

pdm covers a wide range of areas. It manages all kinds of product related information, including electronic documents and data database records. Even if enterprises in the same field use a completely systematic PDM system, they will encounter completely different implementation problems

from the perspective of software selection, in choosing a PDM system, in addition to the two important factors of meeting demand and price, it is more important to consider whether there is good application integration between the PDM system and the existing software (CAD, cam, etc.) of the enterprise, and whether it supports the integration ability of data transmission with other application systems (OA, ERP, SCM, etc.)

in terms of integration, most PDM systems have achieved the integration of data and information, but in terms of business logic, no PDM system can have a good solution so far

v. pay attention to the localization of foreign software

the origin of PDM system is abroad, and foreign PDM system also occupies a large market share in China, but foreign PDM system can not be unified in China, which has a lot to do with the localization of foreign PDM system

the better the electrocatalytic activity and corrosion resistance

domestic large enterprises will basically choose foreign PDM systems, but some large enterprises and some small and medium-sized enterprises will still choose domestic PDM systems, because foreign software service providers do not pay enough attention to China's PDM software market, resulting in many foreign PDM systems that are not localized or do not increase the operating habits and management ideas of Oriental people; As a result, foreign PDM system management cannot meet the actual application requirements of domestic enterprises in terms of software functions and applications, and it is also difficult to integrate with domestic ERP systems and production management systems. Therefore, when choosing PDM systems, especially foreign PDM systems, the localization of software is a major factor to be considered. It is also necessary to provide development tools to meet some customized needs of customers

VI. pay attention to the service ability of PDM system software providers

there is a classic saying in the process of software project implementation: "three rely on software, seven rely on implementation, and twelve rely on management". This sentence also explains the importance of project implementation in PDM Project Engineering. For most enterprises, they do not have the implementation experience of PDM projects, so the services provided by PDM software providers are particularly important

after selecting the PDM system, the service team of the software supplier will formulate a detailed project implementation plan according to the requirements of the enterprise. This plan will serve as a guide for the construction of the PDM system. Then the service team will carry out many stages, such as research, data collation, demand analysis, scheme preparation, system modeling, data collation planning, system testing, impeccable technical service team, application training, etc. in the process of these stages, The comprehensive ability of the service team of the software supplier will have a great impact on the performance of the whole PDM Project; Whether the software provider has experience in the industry, whether it has successful cases of the same scale, and whether the members of the service team have experienced experience of the same scale in the same industry should be the conditions for enterprises to evaluate the service ability of the software provider

VII. Pay attention to software running speed and hardware configuration

most of the current PDM software adopts the client/server structure. Some PDM software adopts the thin CS architecture, while few PDM software adopts the pure BS architecture. These PDM software all use large databases (such as SQL and Oracle) as the background database. Because the data records of PDM software are on the server, at the same time, the data volume of product information is large, Therefore, the corresponding speed of PDM system must be considered

obviously, when the information transmission speed between the server and client of the PDM system is relatively slow and has affected the work efficiency, it is difficult for most users to accept. To achieve a faster speed of information transmission, on the one hand, the software itself should have a better architecture and better logic processing ability, On the other hand, in terms of server selection and network configuration, you also need to enjoy configuration optimization so that you won't be abandoned by users because of the slow speed of PDM system

VIII. Conclusion

the selection of PDM system is the beginning of enterprise PDM system engineering. PDM system is an important part of modern enterprise information construction and the product of adapting to the trend of economic globalization. In the selection and implementation of PDM system, enterprises can successfully integrate product information into PDM system and lay a solid foundation for the comprehensive information construction of enterprises as long as they "know themselves and know the enemy", and organically combine their own characteristics with PDM system software. (end)

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