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China's top 1000 innovative enterprise instrument companies account for 8 seats

on April 8, the "China enterprise innovation capability ranking (2017)" conference, jointly sponsored by the China Institute of economic reform and development and the school of economics, Renmin University of China, was held at Renmin University of China

there are many innovative enterprises on the list, including Tencent, Baidu, and well-known brands such as jd.com and Huawei that continuously and evenly deliver rubber to the molding system. Looking up the list, we found that among the 1000 innovative enterprises, instrument companies occupied 8 seats! These enterprises are: Beijing Seven Star Huachuang Electronics Co., Ltd., Beijing Aerospace Control Instrument Research Institute, Beijing Qinbang Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Beijing Puyuan Jingdian Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Tianrui Instrument Co., Ltd., spotlight Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., Changsha Kaiyuan Instrument Co., Ltd., Hunan Sande Technology Development Co., Ltd

the "China enterprise innovation capability ranking list (2017)" is composed of Professor chenyanbin, deputy dean of the school of economics, Renmin University of China, as the team leader, Associate Professor Xia Xiaohua as the deputy team leader, and Associate Professor Wu Yilin, associate professor of Renmin University of China 1, how to solve the floating fiber of ABS glass fiber reinforced materials, the accessory system of hydraulic universal testing machine The "macro innovation research group", with Dr. yinzhifeng from the school of economics of the Central University of Finance and economics and Dr. Chen Xiaoliang from the Institute of economics of the Chinese Academy of social sciences as core members, has been built after nearly a year of spring testing machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., which is mainly to collect and statistically calculate the stretching and tightening experimental data of various spiral springs. For the first time, the ranking made a full coverage and comprehensive evaluation of the innovation capabilities of more than 80000 high-tech enterprises in China, and on this basis, conducted a special study on the top 100, top 1000 and top 10000 innovative enterprises in China. This will not only help to enhance the awareness of government departments, capital markets and other sectors of society on the innovation ability of enterprises, but also help to implement the innovation driven development strategy, so as to speed up the transformation of China's economic growth from factor driven to innovation driven

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