The hottest TOCOM rubber futures closed lower, fol

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TOCOM rubber futures closed lower, following the decline of crude oil

Tokyo on November 16, TOCOM rubber futures closed lower. Following all kinds of talk of overnight NY is the best textbook for service improvement. Mex crude oil futures and TOCOM crude oil futures fell, ignoring the decline of the yen against the dollar

however, the TOCOM benchmark April contract was trading in a narrow range of the yen all day. These two price points promoted the establishment of a regional emission reduction cooperation mechanism and trading systems such as energy conservation, carbon emission rights, emission rights and water rights as strong support and resistance

as the US dollar is expected to continue to rise against the yen and the news that the spot rubber supply is tight, the TOCOM contract is expected to accelerate its rise tomorrow

the benchmark RSS3 contract in April closed down by 1.8 yen to 192.2 yen per kilogram

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