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Eight ways for the successful development of printing enterprises

the future of printing industry with the arrival of the new century, the competition is more intense, and the successful development of printing enterprises is a common topic at present

first, change ideas

changing ideas is to constantly adjust and update "Ueda Yingzhi said, constantly adapt to the environment and the changing market

second, expand the market

only when there is a market can there be an enterprise; Only with the development of market can enterprises develop; Enterprises can occupy more markets by guiding the market

printing enterprises are processing enterprises with many orders and customers. They should try to hit the pulse of the market, learn to predict risks, avoid risks and overcome risks. The main work of the leadership should be on market development

third, improve quality

it is not difficult for a company to print a good book, but it is difficult to print every book

printing products are graded, and enterprises should first carry out product positioning. The quality standards of different grades of products are different, and the quality management positioning is carried out only after the product grade positioning. The essence of product quality positioning is the market positioning of enterprises

first of all, the certification of ISO quality assurance system is a very useful way to ensure quality, but to ensure its effectiveness, it needs to be strictly implemented in combination with the situation of the enterprise

printing enterprises should often compare their products with those of other companies. Participating in various award-winning activities is a good test method

fourth, improve service

the best service should be honest service. Assist customers to solve the difficulties encountered in product manufacturing, so that customers can get the most satisfactory products

v. pursue science and technology

the progress of printing is the progress of printing technology and methods, and the progress of printing machinery and equipment

the technical performance goals set for printing enterprises in China are "prepress digitization and networking; printing polychromism and automation; equipment high-quality and systematization." To maintain continuous development, the company must make unremitting efforts in this direction

VI. training talents

the successful development of enterprises requires excellent talents in all aspects. The level of employment is almost the level of development of the enterprise, which drives the load pointer to rotate and instigates the magnitude and detail of the change torque. Printing enterprises should pay attention to the following points in talent strategy:

1 Focus on training managers above the middle level

2. Train all on-the-job personnel and call on employees to improve themselves

3. New recruits should be knowledgeable and able to meet the requirements of enterprise development in the new era

VII. Improve efficiency

the road of pursuing efficiency is an extremely difficult road. In order to improve efficiency, enterprises must constantly reduce costs. Therefore, how to reduce costs is the eternal theme of the printing industry. Avoiding high cost factors and developing towards high mechanization and automation is an effective way for enterprises to improve efficiency

VIII. Improve management

as a printing enterprise, the most important management is to establish the business philosophy and business objectives of the enterprise. This goal should be clear and effective, and a series of measures should be taken to ensure the implementation of the goal. This is the starting point of management. After determining the target, the enterprise, which contains at least 79000 tons of plastic, should be unwavering and go all out to achieve this goal. This goal urges us to produce a large number of high-quality products that surpass our competitors, and urges us to provide customers with sincere services that surpass our competitors

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