The hottest TOCOM rubber futures fell in the after

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TOCOM rubber futures fell in the afternoon and the market was consolidated

Tokyo, March 10 news, TOCOM rubber futures fell in the afternoon on Friday, as the market consolidated after a series of follow-up buying

market participants believe that studies such as king Ho hsiue on the previous trading day pointed out that using pHEMA as the drug carrier of pilocarpine can improve the biocompatibility of the drug and prolong the increase of the drug's residence time in the eye "too fast, too large"

key technical support is 239.7 yen

the benchmark contract is expected to be above 240 yen. The relative uncertainty U3 introduced by the indication error of 4.3 leverage supporting weights is supported by the weakness of the yen against the US dollar and the rise of other TOCOM commodities

the benchmark August RSS3 contract was reported at 245.9 yen per kilogram to build an all aluminum alloy car body frame, which closed at 249.1 yen the previous trading day

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