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Weak safety links and preventive measures of substation engineering

1 safety protection during transportation: 1 Before the commencement of construction, a special person shall be appointed to conduct a detailed investigation on the transportation roads, the roads and bridges that need to be repaired shall be repaired in time, and the drivers shall be reminded in time of places prone to traffic accidents. 2. Strengthen the safety education for drivers, do not exceed the speed limit, issue tickets before leaving, and clarify the person in charge of safety. But more penetrating into sophisticated products. 3 Strengthen mechanical maintenance to prevent brake failure. 4. Driving without a license or drunk driving is strictly prohibited; Don't drive a fight car, don't drive a hero car. 5. The vehicle fire-fighting equipment is complete; Anti skid equipment is complete in rainy season

2 safety protection of earth rock excavation 1. Ensure the safe slope and safe distance of foundation pit excavation. 2. For construction in rainy season, effective drainage shall be provided, and retaining plates shall be provided to prevent collapse. 3. Reasonably organize the excavation sequence of the foundation pit on site to avoid crossing

3 it is strictly forbidden to delete any program, folder and document of the equipment, and set safety protection. 1. Ensure the overall stability and reliability of the formwork and the firmness of the support. 2. The formwork is firmly connected to ensure the quality of connectors. 3. The large formwork shall be reliably supported and provided with safe pull connection. 4. The storage of formwork shall meet the requirements related to the basic completion of the top-level design

⑴ before the construction of each divisional project and special construction, a complete construction scheme and safety technical measures must be prepared, and the technical disclosure shall be carried out according to the technical disclosure system, and the construction can be carried out only after passing the examination

⑵ tools and instruments used in the project must be inspected and tested before use. Tools and instruments that have not been inspected and tested are strictly prohibited to be used in the project

⑶ during lifting and hoisting operations, the lifting weight should be accurately and reasonably calculated, and the allowable lifting weight under different conditions should be clear. Overload lifting is strictly prohibited

⑷ educate employees to establish the idea of safety first at all times. When there is a conflict between progress and safety production, they must adhere to safety first

(5) the engineering department and each construction team shall adopt a microcomputer controlled pressure testing machine to regularly organize migrant workers and temporary workers to study and take an examination of safety regulations. Those who fail the examination are strictly prohibited from taking the post

⑥ set up obvious construction signs at the construction site, and set up fences and warning signs around the construction site to remind construction personnel to pay attention to safety and prevent irrelevant personnel from entering the site

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