Saimo Group Launches three in one packaging machin

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Saimo group launched the three in one packaging machine

Jiangsu Saimo group company will display the three in one packaging machine newly developed by Saimo group company, which integrates multi head weighing, vertical packaging and automatic weight inspection, on propak2006. The equipment combines three kinds of equipment: multi head combined scale, vertical packaging machine and automatic weight checking scale. People will find that it can complete the combined weighing, bag making, forming, filling of materials. 6. According to the use, it plays a sealing role: stretching fixture, tightening fixture, zigzag fixture, shearing fixture, stripping fixture, tearing fixture, sealing fixture, bending and bending fixture filling, sealing, date coding, metal detection, weight recheck and other functions. The control of all equipment is centralized in one industrial PC, which reduces the fault point and floor space, reduces the equipment cost, and provides an integrated solution for the packaging of powder, granular and block products in food, medicine and other industries

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