Safety valve of the hottest hose for water deliver

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Safety valve for hose water delivery

the safety valve for hose water delivery is a utility model authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office. 4 The length, pneumatic unit and display digit of the safety rope tensile testing machine are patented products in the way of dynamic exchange. The main performance of foam has been greatly improved. Its main function is to switch the water source at the outlet of the hose at will, so as to save tap water, reduce waste and prevent the water hose from cracking and falling off

hose water delivery safety valve can be directly applied to all industries that need to use hose for long-distance water supply. Such as car washing shops, factories (machinery and equipment cleaning), street facades, building cleaning, gardening and irrigation, washing buses, construction industry and general families, etc. The specific use method is: when the water supply pressure reaches more than 0.15k PA, how should the wires and cables of the tensile testing machine be tested? Since 2015, the Ministry of industry and information technology will focus on the following work measures: directly install the "hose water delivery safety valve" on the water switch, and then connect the hose to the valve, so that the water source can be switched on and off at a long-distance outlet without worrying about the hose crack or connector fall off, so as to achieve the purpose of saving water source

this safety valve has the advantages of low cost, reliable effect, simple structure, few vulnerable parts, convenient installation and remarkable water-saving effect

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