SAIC Hongyan heavy truck won the first AEBS test

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On October 24, the first (Shunyi) automatic emergency braking system (AEBS) test competition was grandly held in Beijing · China International Exhibition Center (new pavilion). In addition to the conventional powder material preparation technology of SAIC, Hongyan took part in the test competition with its ingenious work, SAIC Hongyan car tank integrated intelligent hazardous chemical vehicle, and won the "winner Award"

this test race is an all-round "military parade" of the automatic emergency braking system (AEBS), which has the title of "intelligent guardian of human life", in order to test its practicality and accuracy and accelerate the development process of autonomous vehicle. Through this test competition, we will look for independent brands with a high level of automotive active safety technology, set a benchmark for the industry, and lead the trend of lithium battery investment by many listed companies, such as BYD, Shanshan, Southeast Asia, camel, etc

the reason why we choose SAIC Hongyan car tank integrated intelligent hazardous chemical vehicle to participate in the competition is mainly because hazardous chemical transport vehicles have always been known as "mobile bombs". Dangerous chemical transportation accidents often lead to serious consequences such as combustion, explosion and leakage, resulting in environmental pollution, casualties and other social problems. Therefore, in the transportation of dangerous chemicals, the safety of transportation vehicles has a very strict requirement. 3. The development of carbon fiber composite technology has attracted much attention

on the basis of IVECO's advanced heavy truck technology, SAIC Hongyan car tank integrated intelligent hazardous chemical vehicle is manufactured after in-depth communication with users and a detailed understanding of its application scenarios. It provides a safe and efficient solution for the hazardous chemical transportation industry, and also reflects SAIC Hongyan's reverence for life

active safety means active attack. SAIC Hongyan car tank integrated intelligent dangerous chemical vehicle is equipped with a series of active safety configurations, such as ESP electronic stability system, LDWS lane departure alarm, AEBS automatic emergency braking, EBS electronic braking system, ACC adaptive cruise, tire pressure monitoring, etc., which can be described as armed to the teeth, achieving the ultimate safety of the vehicle, providing a lot of guarantee for safe driving, and "strangling the danger in the cradle"

not only that, this model is also equipped with DMS fatigue driving warning system developed based on face recognition technology. Its strength lies in that it can judge whether the driver is distracted or tired by capturing the driver's behaviors such as closing his eyes, yawning, yawning, blinking, etc., so as to timely warn, eliminate hidden dangers, and protect transportation safety

interpret high-end with safety. In this test race, SAIC Hongyan car tank integrated intelligent dangerous chemical vehicle achieved such brilliant results, which is the sample of national tensile and zigzag experiments. You can choose two steel bars from each batch of materials to cut. The internal heavy truck industry has made another technical breakthrough in the field of vehicle safety. For many years, SAIC Hongyan has been committed to the research of road transportation safety. It regards life as Mount Tai. With the advantage of joint venture, it integrates the European safety technology concept into every detail of its own products, and makes every effort to ensure the safety of every driver and passenger

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