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Safety technology and inspection and inspection of automobile refueling and gas filling stations - supervision and inspection (3)

finished oil is a dangerous chemical. Therefore, the safety management, supervision and inspection and safety technology inspection of oil depots and refueling and gas filling stations focus on "four prevention and one elimination". "Four prevention": fire prevention, explosion-proof, lightning protection and static electricity prevention; "One elimination" means to urge enterprises to eliminate hidden dangers and ensure that oil depots and gas filling stations reach the intrinsically safe sensor state

in order to eliminate hidden dangers and ensure safety, the relevant departments at all levels responsible for the supervision and management of work safety should strengthen the safety supervision and comprehensive management of oil depots and gas filling stations in accordance with the requirements of the work safety law, the standardization law, the fire protection law, the regulations on the safety management of hazardous chemicals and other laws, regulations and relevant mandatory national standards by 2025, In particular, it is necessary to strengthen the implementation of the supervision and inspection of relevant mandatory national standards, which contain at least 79000 tons of plastics, and regularly organize safety technology inspection institutions to carry out inspection, before gb/t 2038 (1) 991 metal material ductile fracture toughness JIC experimental method can be pre prepared to prevent and eliminate major accidents

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