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SAIC Motor Co., Ltd. will present five new energy vehicles at the upcoming 2011 China International Industrial Expo with the theme of "green SAIC, innovative future" at the new energy vehicle exhibition in hall E7 of Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. These new energy vehicle exhibits aimed at industrialization reflect the latest achievements of SAIC in the industrialization and independent innovation of new energy vehicles

the exhibits of SAIC include five new energy models, including Roewe new 750 hybrid car, Roewe E50 pure electric car, Shanghai brand fuel cell car, Shenwo Expo pure electric city bus and Shenwo new generation pure electric city bus. In recent years, the development momentum of new energy vehicles has been rapid. For example, the Roewe E50 pure electric car, which is unveiled for the first time, has reached the international advanced level in performance indicators and will be put into mass production next year. The vehicle is equipped with a high-performance electric drive system, equipped with advanced components such as electric power steering system and vehicle thermal management system, which truly realizes zero emissions. Its battery system adopts lithium iron phosphate battery, with a maximum driving range of 190km, a maximum speed of 130km/h, and a 100 km acceleration time of 15 seconds

Shanghai brand fuel cell car is a new generation of fuel cell car independently developed by SAIC, which undertakes the National 863 "energy saving and new energy vehicles" project. It is loaded with domestic more advanced fuel. When buying the hydraulic universal testing machine, you see not only the appearance shape to judge the battery stack, lithium battery with high power density and drive motor, Under the management of SGL Group, the high-pressure hydrogen storage system was also used as the driving fuel source of the maicafee research project, which was also promoted by the two project partners Augsburg University and BMW Group. The car is a VIP reception car for the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo, which won unanimous praise during the Expo

Shenwo Expo pure electric city bus is the "star of public transportation" at the Expo. It has successfully achieved "zero emissions" while ensuring ride comfort, vehicle reliability and driving safety. Its large curved surface, wide field of vision, luxurious city bus shape, strong visual impact, has the characteristics of the times. The whole vehicle adopts full low floor technology to improve the convenience of passengers getting on and off the vehicle, and is equipped with wheelchair boarding pedals and wheelchair fixing devices, which reflects the humanistic care spirit of the WorldExpo

Shenwo new generation pure electric city bus is an upgraded product of Shenwo Expo pure electric city bus. During the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo, the Shenwo WorldExpo pure electric city bus continued to operate safely for 7.5 million kilometers, accumulating a large number of valuable operation data and experience. On this basis, SAIC has independently integrated the electric drive system, further optimized the vehicle integration technology and electrical architecture, and developed a new generation of Shenwo pure electric city bus. Compared with the previous generation of products, this model has significantly improved in terms of electrical safety standards, quality of key parts and components, and reliability technology

as an active pioneer of China's new energy industry, SAIC implements the national energy strategy, aims at the trend of vehicle driven electrification, focuses on accelerating the industrialization of hybrid and electric vehicles, and promotes the R & D upgrading and demonstration operation of fuel cell vehicles. The specific work achievements at this Industrial Expo are being reviewed by the public. C) test process: measurement, display, analysis, etc. are completed by microcomputer; In the coming years, SAIC will further accumulate strength, overcome difficulties, accelerate the industrialization of new energy vehicles, and actively contribute to the sustainable development of China's automotive industry

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