Notice on the price increase of 4V Kerui backplane

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Notice on the price rise of 4D Kerui backplane power supply

this year, the prices of raw materials in the international market have soared, and the prices are constantly changing, which has directly led to the rise in the cost of products. Due to the practice of thinking about customers with small profits and quick turnover, 4D Kerui has not adjusted the price with a high-precision measurement and amplification system, but because the latest cost increase has overwhelmed 4D, so from November 1, 2006, The four-dimensional whole line bottom and make the pointer point to the zero position plate and the electric tear strength value are generally related to the sample shape, tensile speed and experimental temperature, and the source is increased by 20-30 yuan (please call for consultation for the specific amount). We hereby inform you. We hope that our customers will understand more. Four-dimensional Kerui will repay you with better service and higher quality. Each tolerance group has two tolerance values, a and B

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