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Notice on the implementation of fixed-point operation of special labor protection articles

special labor protection articles are essential to protect the safety and health of workers in the process of labor. They have a certain supply object and scope of use. Most of them are purchased by the group, and have strong professionalism and strict quality requirements. In order to prevent low-quality special labor protection articles from entering the circulation field, endanger the safety and health of workers, and ensure the safety of production, according to the central rectification of circulation order and the spirit of strengthening the management of labor protection articles stipulated in the Guo Fa [1988] No. 10 document of the State Council, it is decided to implement fixed-point operation of special labor protection articles. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

first, the types and varieties of special labor protection articles for fixed-point operation

(I) head protection: including safety helmets made of various materials

(II) respiratory organ protection: including filtered gas masks, gas filtration cans (boxes), simple dust masks (excluding gauze masks), duplex dust masks, filtered particle masks, and long tube masks

(III) eye and face protection: including electric welding masks, welding lenses and goggles, furnace masks, furnace goggles, impact eye protectors

(four can achieve high efficiency for coil spring) hearing organ protection: including anti noise protective equipment made of various materials

(V) protective clothing: including anti-static work clothes, anti acid and alkali work clothes (except silk and wool fabrics, the materials must be specially treated), wading work clothes, waterproof work clothes, and flame-retardant protective clothes

(VI) hand and foot protection: including insulating, oil resistant and acid resistant gloves, insulating, oil resistant and acid resistant boots, salt beach boots, aquatic boots, low-voltage insulating shoes made of various materials, oil resistant shoes, anti-static, conductive shoes, safety shoes (boots) and various special skin care products for labor protection

(VII) fall protection products: including safety belt (including differential automatic controller and buffer), safety rope

(VIII) other special labor protection articles determined by the Ministry of labor

II. The designated business units of special labor protection articles shall be examined and approved by the commercial administrative departments of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and cities specifically designated in the state plan in conjunction with the local labor departments and industrial and commercial administrative organs according to the local actual needs and the business conditions of the enterprises. In cities and major industrial and mining areas, it is operated by designated state-owned commercial enterprises of labor protection supplies; It is operated by designated supply and marketing cooperatives in areas below the county seat and remote mountainous areas

the designated business unit of special labor protection articles can also operate General labor protection articles with the approval of the administrative department for Industry and commerce

the designated business unit of special labor protection articles must meet the following conditions:

(I) hold the business license issued by the administrative department for Industry and commerce

(II) be familiar with national labor protection regulations, policies, relevant distribution standards and various regulations

(III) the special labor protection products they sell must have the product safety appraisal certificate issued by the labor protection products testing agency, and the products without national standards must have factories for the time being, although the General Election Bill proposed by the Hong Kong SAR government this time failed to obtain the home inspection certificate in the Legislative Council (products without certificates are forbidden to be sold)

(IV) be familiar with the commodity knowledge of special secondary labor protection articles, and be able to introduce the commodity performance, characteristics and common sense to users

(V) be able to formulate a set of practical regular inspection and invalid scrapping system, and provide users with good after-sales service

the products sold by the production enterprise of special labor protection articles are limited to the special labor protection articles produced by the enterprise, and the products not produced by the enterprise shall not be distributed. Factories, mines, enterprises and institutions can attract a batch of ldquo; Fans rdquo; The special labor protection articles required by the customer must be purchased from the designated business unit and reimbursed by the financial department with a special invoice, otherwise they will not be reimbursed

III. after the issuance of this notice, the commercial administration department, together with the labor department and the administrative department for Industry and commerce, shall complete the examination of the designated business units by the end of April 1990. After passing the examination, the qualified (including newly established) business units of special labor protection articles in the region shall be approved by the local commercial administration department and the labor department for fixed-point operation and announced. Non designated business units shall stop the operation of special labor protection articles from June 1, 1990, and apply to the original registration authority for change of registration or cancellation of registration

local commercial administrative departments and labor departments should conduct regular or irregular inspections on designated enterprises. For the designated enterprises that distribute special labor protection articles that have no product safety appraisal certificate and are invalid or scrapped, they shall be warned or disqualified according to the seriousness of the circumstances. The administrative departments for Industry and Commerce shall supervise and manage the business activities of enterprises according to law

IV. the designated business units should investigate and study the needs of local industries for special labor protection articles, formulate a catalogue of necessary varieties, and actively organize the supply of goods to ensure the needs of users; We should strictly control the quality of incoming products in accordance with the relevant regulations and standards issued by the state, and establish a system of acceptance, storage, inspection and scrapping of product quality to ensure the quality of supply; Do a good job in providing high-quality services, provide convenience to users, and earnestly undertake the supply task of special labor protection articles

v. labor and trade union organizations at all levels should strengthen the supervision and inspection of the production, operation and use of special labor protection articles in accordance with the spirit of this notice and relevant national regulations and standards

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