Notice on the investigation of skilled workers in

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Notice on investigating the situation of technical workers in coating enterprises

notice on investigating the situation of technical workers in coating enterprises

April 14, 2006

all coating enterprises:

in December 2005, the professional skills appraisal station for specific types of work of China coating industry association was officially established to undertake the industry's requirements for four types of work, including coating synthetic resin workers, paint color matching workers, coating analysts, and coating workers Vocational skill training, examination and certification (vocational skill level qualification certificate issued by the Ministry of labor and social security) at three levels (primary workers, intermediate workers and senior workers)

in order to better complete this work, the association first investigated the composition of employees in various coating enterprises to understand the basic situation of the enterprise at this stage, and focused on the preparation work before training, so that the future training work can meet the needs of the enterprise

after receiving the notice, the enterprise is expected to carefully fill in the questionnaire on the situation of skilled workers in coating enterprises (see the annex), and fax it to the association before April 25, 2006, fax:

contact: Niu Changrui


Contact Fax:

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China Coating Industry Association

April 7, 2006


the investigation of technical workers in coating enterprises will continue to increase the use of R & D efforts

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