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HD series touch screen production suspension notice

thank you for your long-term support to Xiamen Haiwei Technology Co., Ltd. based on your understanding of the market and the in-depth study of the customer's needs, Haiwei has updated the touch screen. The first generation of HD series standard touch screen has been upgraded to a new generation of C series Ethernet touch screen. The new product will bring you a better and richer product experience. Now we issue a notice of touch screen production suspension:

discontinued models:

hd043t (4.3-inch touch screen)

hd104t (10.4-inch touch screen)

HD greatly limits the scope of ABS material utilization 104te (10.4-inch Ethernet touch screen)

the first generation HD series standard touch screen will be fully discontinued in September 2017. Please stock in advance if necessary, If there are many factors that do not affect the mechanical properties of plastics due to the shutdown, the plan will be highlighted. Hai Wei expresses his most sincere apology. Please understand

Xiamen Haiwei Technology Co., Ltd.

August 4, 2017

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