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With the arrival of the National Day holiday, the development of our institute has reached a new level. We have developed a variety of high-tech transmission products suitable for China's national conditions. The R & D team is becoming more and more mature and growing. Our products are sold all over the country, aerospace, military, electronics, machinery, energy and other fields. Well received by users. In order to meet the needs of continuous development, the relocation was completed on September 30th, 2008. The office environment and production environment of the new site have been greatly improved. It creates necessary conditions for improving product quality and increasing product variety and output

after the relocation, the development and production of green energy-saving projects such as wind power generation and solar power generation will be increased while continuously expanding the product output of low-speed loading large frequency converters

new address: No. 138, Jingchen runye, wangsiying, Chaoyang District, Beijing (located at the exit of Dougezhuang bridge on Beijing Shenyang Expressway, accessible by multiple 1373 buses)

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