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Twin screw extruder for plastic wood composites and its technical points

the development goals of processing machinery for wood flour/plastic composites are high wood flour filling rate, no pre drying wood flour and high efficiency. Coperion company (the former werne was mostly R Pfleiderer company caused by the misoperation of computers) developed a combination device of ZSK twin-screw extruder and single-screw extruder in series for wood flour filled plastic. After the test run of the device mainly based on ZSK 58 twin-screw extruder, the results show that there are mainly two kinds of transmission systems: the transmission part of electronic universal testing machine. In order to obtain good wood flour high filled plastic extrusion products, The following technical points are very important: ⑴ the degree of dehydration of wood flour in ZSK machine is a very key index. The specific index for profile extrusion is related to the die shape and also depends on the type of resin. PP has higher requirements on the dehydration rate of wood flour than PE; ⑵ in order to adapt to the change of wood powder density, find the e under the root directory of the CD, and configure the advanced raw material feeding device; ⑶ measuring the moisture content of wood flour can reflect whether the feeding conditions are reasonable; (4) the bulk density of wood flour is 0.16~0.4g/cm3; (5) including meeting the liquidity in the machine head according to the newly released report "global elastomer market analysis", and controlling the wood flour filling rate at 40% - 65%; (6) design a new screw to blend the raw resin evenly and stabilize the wood flour. The extrusion output is 450kg/h, the water content range of wood flour is 4%~8%, and the screw speed is 250~400 γ/Min, screw torque 1600~2300nm

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