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The annual output value of China's Printing City exceeded 10 billion

the "China Printing City" just spent in Wenzhou last year is worthy of its name. Its annual output value exceeded 10 billion and its sales reached 7 billion

recently, it was learned from Wenzhou printing association that the printing industry record of Wenzhou has been constantly refreshed. In 2002, the annual output value reached 10.1 billion yuan, accounting for 15% and nearly one third of the total output value of packaging and printing in the whole country and the whole province respectively. In addition, the annual sales of Wenzhou printing market, which is well-developed, has reached 7billion yuan, of which the production of self-adhesive and wall calendar accounts for nearly half of the country

at present, the company focuses on the import replacement of low-end elastomer varieties with medium and high product added value. There are more than 2000 printing enterprises in Wenzhou with about 90000 employees. According to incomplete statistics, a quarter of the printing industry in Wenzhou has developed into large-scale enterprises, including 16 enterprises such as Xinya, Shuguang and Fukang, with an annual output value of more than 50million yuan, 6 enterprises with an output value of more than 100 million yuan and an export earning of 160million yuan. In addition, Wenzhou's printing machinery products also play an important role in the country. In Ruian alone, there are more than 200 printing machinery enterprises, with an annual output value of nearly 7billion yuan, which has become the pillar industry of the city

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