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Qilu's annual output of ethylene ranks first in China in the first year of the new century. The olefin plant of Sinopec Qilu Co., Ltd. has the highest annual output of ethylene. However, some villagers said that in the early morning of the same day, there were more than 550000 tons of waste gas floating from the plant, up to 555000 tons, the highest in history, ranking first among the single sets in the same industry in China

zhangshaoguang, deputy manager of Sinopec Qilu Co., Ltd. and director of the olefin plant, said that at the beginning of the year, the ethylene production target of Qilu olefin plant was set at 535000 tons, and Polaris is expected to strive to reach 555000 tons. This is a goal that can be called "limit" for Qilu ethylene, whose unit output is transformed to 450000 tons

since 2001, the front-line technicians and employees of the enterprise have carefully operated all the equipment of the ethylene plant and scientifically and reasonably arranged the switching and coke burning between the furnaces. At the same time, focusing on strengthening safety management, the company has comprehensively optimized the entry of raw materials into the plant, focused on strengthening the professional management of on-site process, production, equipment, etc., and seriously implemented ISO9002 quality management as a deeply troubled industry system and ISO14001 environmental management system, which has promoted the standardization, institutionalization and modernization of enterprise management. In addition, they have stepped up the pace of scientific and technological progress and technological innovation, introduced advanced ethylene cracking technology from abroad, and completed the transformation "speed-up" of cracking furnace 1, which has been put into operation for 14 years, in the shortest time, so that the production capacity of furnace 1 has been expanded from 45000 tons to 65000 tons. They have also implemented more than 10 technical transformations, such as waste oil recovery, to solve and deal with a number of problems that have plagued the high load production of the unit. With the increasing requirements of consumers for food packaging, they have achieved safe production throughout the year

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