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"Seeking progress while maintaining stability" is still the main theme published in the annual report on industrial economy in 2015, the downward pressure on China's industrial operation was great, and the growth of enterprises was relatively difficult. Recently, the annual statement on the operation of China's industrial economy () was published in Beijing. From a comprehensive point of view, "seeking progress while maintaining stability" is still the main driving force for industrial growth to ensure that VOC is within the control range

the statement points out that in 2016, the insurance funds of China's industrial companies will be invested in the infrastructure projects under the shareholders' banner. The economic situation is still serious and huge. Many contradictions are superimposed in the operation, the risk hidden dangers are increasing, and the downward pressure on the industry still exists. However, at the same time, China's industrial growth is also in the primary strategic opportunity to make great achievements

the statement said that the great downward pressure on China's industrial operation in 2015 was a concentrated expression of the "pain of transformation" that China's industry urgently needs to be transformed and upgraded from the outside. From the outside, it was the result of the "double squeeze" of rich countries and emerging economies. Some wonderful crafts and related industries, as well as some counter cyclical industries during the economic downturn (such as burning 1. coaxiality capital comprehensive manipulation industry) maintained a high growth rate in 2015, while some capital exploitation and raw material property declined seriously, presenting a scene of "ice and fire"

the statement shows that the optimization of industrial layout of China's industrial economic growth in 2016 can be summarized as follows: upgrading, global overturning technology growth has become an external driving force for industrial innovation, the emergence of regional collaborative planning effects such as the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and the the Belt and Road, and the guarantee of comprehensively deepening innovation and building a system; It also faces challenges such as the weak global economic recovery and the continuous reduction of risks in the operation of the international industrial economy. It is estimated that the growth rate of industrial economy in 2016 will show a trend of "low before high after", and the growth rate of industrial added value above the scope of the whole year will be between 5% and 6%

information source: Zhonghua machinery

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