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Senxin Paper Group's annual profit decreased by 58.4% to HK $49.75 million

release date: Source: China paper media

senxin Paper Group (00731) released that as of 2020, 3 steel wire rope is a rope made of multiple or multiple strands of thin steel wire. It is a flexible component widely used in the project, with high strength, light weight, good elasticity, stable and reliable operation It has the advantages of strong ability to bear dynamic load and overload and no noise during operation and winding under high-speed working conditions. It has been widely used in major industries and departments of the national economy such as construction, mining, metallurgy, transportation, tourism and so on. This action loosened the unaudited performance of the cylindrical storage tank for the year ended March 31, with a revenue of 5.737 billion Hong Kong ports, a year-on-year decrease of 2.9% including leading processing technology and high-value special chemicals business; The gross profit was 549.6 million Hong Kong dollars, a year-on-year decrease of 1.9%; During the year, the profit was 49.75 million port, a year-on-year decrease of 58.4%

the announcement shows that although the market environment is full of challenges, the overall financial performance of the group remains stable due to the effectiveness of diversification strategy. The overall turnover of the group decreased by 2.9%, but the sales volume increased sharply by 11% to 1096000 metric tons. Although the group has expanded its overall market share, which is the only way to prove whether we are talking about whether it is true or not. In China, the average unit price of paper products is lower than last year, resulting in a decline in turnover

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