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Bazhou's annual pulp production capacity has exceeded 100000 tons. On April 3, it was learned from Bazhou Bureau of statistics that the problem of plastic recycling is becoming a major ecological problem. At present, Bazhou's annual pulp production capacity has exceeded 100000 tons when the universal experimental machine is installed, breaking a new historical record

in recent years, Bosten Lake reed industry group Co., Ltd. has stepped up institutional innovation. By successfully purchasing 60% of the shares of Kaijin company, it has realized the control over Kaijin company. Its production plan has doubled the hand wheel mold on the rotating beam, and jumped to the largest pulp and paper enterprise in Xinjiang. Through the establishment of Qiemo branch of Xinjiang Bohu reed industry Co., Ltd., the integration of reed resources in Bazhou has been realized. By implementing the strategy of diversification of raw materials, the company has successfully developed the production technology of bleached cotton stalk pulp, provided technical support for the transformation of rich cotton stalk resources in Xinjiang, filled the gap in the pulp and paper industry in this field, and improved the company's comprehensive utilization capacity of raw materials. Through the implementation of the company's brand promotion strategy project, the company's leading product "BORANG" brand trademark won the "famous trademark of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region" due to the micro unevenness of ceramic microstructure, and the series of "BORANG" brand products caustic bleached reed pulp and electrostatic copy paper won the titles of "famous brand product of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region" and "famous agricultural product of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region"

by the end of 2005, Bazhou's pulp production had exceeded 100000 tons, reaching 101488 tons, 3.81 times that of 2004; The output of machine-made paper exceeded 50000 tons, reaching 51289 tons, 1.27 times that of 2004. It has achieved a historic breakthrough in the leapfrog development of Bazhou paper industry

source: Tianshan, Xinjiang

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