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As we all know, the integrated wall is an integrated whole house decoration solution proposed in 2009 for the disadvantages of home decoration pollution and cumbersome processes. Nanofibers are extruded from bamboo and wood fibers at high temperature. In addition to the wallpaper and color patterns of the paint, the surface is characterized by a strong three-dimensional sense and a concave convex surface. It is a new generation of wallpaper and paint. From the Baidu Index, the development of bamboo wood fiber integrated wall has risen to a new height by 2016, so how much does it cost to invest in Tuscany integrated wall stores

(real picture of Yichang store in Tuscany, Hubei)

I. store rent

how to plan the location, area and decoration effect of the integrated wall store? Here are some suggestions: 1. If economic conditions permit, try to choose the elevator location on the 1ST-2ND floors of a class of building materials stores, such as red star Macalline, Yuexing home furnishing and Eurasia Da shopping malls; Secondly, the storefront of the local building materials market; Thirdly, the storefront along the main street; If it is a two-story storefront, we must pay attention to that the storey height cannot be less than three meters, otherwise the effect of modeling and decoration will appear very depressing; 2. The area of the integrated wall storefront should be more than 200 square meters (the specific area can be determined according to the situation). It is necessary to decorate and design the American lobby, Chinese living room, children's room, modern bedroom and other model rooms, so as to create a household experience, so as to achieve a deal; There are two reasons for this suggestion: 1 It can ensure the effect of store decoration and the flow of people, and it is accurate customers; 2. The store deceives customers. When comparing customers, which is the brand? Which one? The image of the store is the first impression to customers. Only with the impression can we ensure the price and profit

(realistic picture of Yichang store in Tuscany, Hubei)

II. Store decoration costs

the cost of integrated wall storefront decoration is also an important part. The cost of store decoration mainly includes water and electricity, floors, wardrobes, and lights. The exclusive store with integrated walls is equivalent to a decoration company, which has certain advantages in home decoration design. Dealers can integrate local soft decoration resources and "move" to the store for samples, which can also save a lot of costs for the store. The second is the cost of integrating wall samples. These are determined by the size of your store and the local consumption level

(realistic picture of Yichang store in Tuscany, Hubei)

III. labor cost

labor cost is another consideration for store investment. Finding a good carpenter will not only guarantee the effect of decoration, but also bring customers. How to manage the carpenters, clerks, salesmen, designers and other staff in the store? How to set salary management to improve work efficiency is another big topic. It's inconvenient to disclose business secrets. If you join the Tuscan family, the company will spend three days and two nights explaining to you, and create profits for dealers in a new mode! The salary of general carpenters can be divided into two forms: 1 square meter, and the general county town is 20-30 per square meter; Prefecture Level Cities: 30-40 yuan/square meter; The provincial capital city is 30-50 yuan/square meter; 2. Calculated by days, 300-500 yuan/day. {the specific can be determined according to the local market, and the data is only for reference}

(realistic picture of Yichang store in Hubei, Tuscany)

IV. other expenses

although the investment in the integrated wall project does not need Inventory, it also needs some working capital. It is best to remind you that no matter what difficulties you encounter, it is very important to maintain a happy mood, and find a satisfied integrated Wall brand to join! (what is the retail price in Tuscany market? For details, 24-hour online consultation: 15111131935 073183887663

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